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After eight years of frenzied blogging at this site, Transition Culture has moved to its new home. Do come and join us, but feel free to also browse this now-archived site and use the shop. Thanks for all your support, comments and input so far, and see you soon.

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6 Dec 2010

A Critical Response to Michael Brownlee’s call for ‘Deep Transition’

…  isn’t technologically savvy or optimistic enough, for the Trapese Collective it isn’t politically savvy enough, for John Michael Greer it …

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4 Mar 2010

“Genuine resilience results from expanding the human footprint”. Discuss

…  have been critiques of Transition in the past, such as the Trapese Collective’s one, or other more ranty online versions, usually from the …

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8 Sep 2009

Responding to Ted Trainer’s Friendly Criticism of Transition

…  is kept implicit. We are often criticised, like in the Trapese Collective document about Transition, for not starting out with an …

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16 Dec 2008

From the Transition Cities Workshop: Shilpa Shah’s Diversity Workshop

…  to be more inclusive Popular Education concepts (ie. Trapese) Working with different faith communities Equality, …

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30 Sep 2008

A Sympathetic Critique of Localisation by Peter North.

…  global capitalism through local, citizen-based action (Trapese 2008). Here the issue is less the lack of an agent than the ability of …  T. (1995). The Conserver Society. London, Zed Books. Trapese (2008). The Rocky Road to a Real Transition: the Transition Towns …

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