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27 Apr 2012

A report on ‘Peak Money and Economic Resilience’, a Transition Network one-day conversation

…  are very useful, and yesterday saw the next one, entitled ‘Peak Money and Economic Resilience: a Transition Network one-day conversation’, held …

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4 Jul 2012

Some Transition reflections on George Monbiot’s announcement that “we were wrong on peak oil”

…  announced in the Guardian on Monday “We were wrong on peak oil. There’s enough to fry us all”, an article which concluded “peak oil …  peoples from their ancestral homelands.  They concentrate money and power into the hands of oil companies and their wealthy investors. …

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8 May 2012

Filipa Pimentel on Transition in Portugal: “we try to reduce money exchange in everything we do”

…  about Transition Network’s recent one day conversation on ‘Peak Money and Economic Resilience’, and how it had included a session where people …

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6 Oct 2011

Giving Robert Socolow a Wedgie (so to speak)

…  that it believes both coal and gas production look set to peak in 2020), and the suggestion that the switch from coal to gas may well …  Left argue that now is the time for borrowing even more money for a debt-heavy Keynesian infrastructure spending splurge, yet as …

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28 Apr 2011

How can we grow more food locally? Pam Warhurst of Incredible Edible Todmorden speaks in Bath

…  of ‘Transition Talks’, the next one being called ‘Does money make the world go round?’ which features Mark Boyle (‘the Moneyless Man’)  and Molly Scott Cato.  Here’s the talk…. very …

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