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5 Apr 2011

A film review: ‘Gasland’

…  the barrel.  If you want to know what that looks like, ‘Gasland‘ offers a powerful, chilling, and enraging insight.  Here is the …  water is then, in theory at least, safely disposed of. Gasland, in part, tells the story of Josh Fox, who lives in a forest, near a …

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2 Mar 2015

Lucy Neal on ‘Playing for Time’

…  for example, to show a film like ‘Chasing Ice’ or ‘Gaslands’, drawing out people’s responses and shared hopes for the future …

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25 Sep 2013

The Big Debate: Is there a ‘Transition position’ on fracking?

…  clout to live with what it leaves behind (as the film Gasland so powerfully highlighted).  Although it is being argued by some …

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1 Feb 2012

A January Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

…  a Sunday Supper series with an excerpt from the film Gasland followed by a speaker and discussion about fracking.  Also in …

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2 Nov 2011

When Transition meets fracking, and wins. The story of Transitions Cowbridge and Llantwit.

…  hosted a viewing of the feature length documentary Gasland which highlighted to all the significant impacts that could result if …  a site visit by the councillors and a screening of Gaslands, the Planning Committee sat.  They had been met on their way into the …

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