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1 May 2013

It’s summertime at Transition Free Press!


The Summer Issue of the marvel that is Transition Free Press is published today and is being distributed via a Transition initiative near you as we speak.  It is packed with really great stuff, including, which is always a pleasure for me, stuff about Transition I didn’t know anything about.  The print quality is far improved on the first issue, it’s a crisp and colourful joy to behold.  This issue’s print run has increased to 13,000 copies, and one copy will be being bundled up and sent out to every subscriber to Permaculture Magazine with their copy of the magazine.   I’d say it’s pretty much essential reading for anyone interested in Transition.  Here is a browsable version of this new edition so you can see what I mean.

The second edition of something like this is always tricky, the “Second Album Syndrome” being a risk.  Speaking personally, I think it has found a voice and an identity that is its own.  You can read editor Charlotte DuCann’s thoughts about this latest edition here.

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12 Feb 2013

Just 3 days left to support Transition Free Press!


Did you get your copy of Transition Free Press yet?  The first edition of 11,000 copies have now made it out to their 40 distributing hubs around the country (and one bundle that went to Germany).  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can have a quick look at the online version here,  to get a sense of how great it is before you subscribe to support its long term future.  It really is quite wonderful, packed with great stuff, an amazing addition to how the Transition movement is able to communicate with itself and with others.  Transition groups up and down the country are distributing it in different ways, which you can read about here.    The main reason for this post is to remind you about their Buzzbnk crowdfunding appeal, which has a target of £15,000, and is currently at £10,100 with 3 days to go (it closes on Thursday).  Please help give them a final push so that they meet their target in time for Valentine’s Day!  

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23 Jan 2013

Why the Transition Free Press needs your support: No. 3: Charlotte Du Cann


Having already spoken to Transition Free Press’ Business Manager and Designer, we th0ught, with 23 days left to go on their crowdfunding appeal, it was time to talk to the paper’s editor, Charlotte Du Cann.  With the first edition already sent to the printers, your help is vital to making this key Transition project a success.  We started by asking her why it matters that people get behind the appeal:

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18 Jan 2013

Why the Transition Free Press needs your support: No. 2: Trucie Mitchell


Trucie Mitchell (yes, that’s her with the handlebars) is the designer of Transition Free Press.  There are now 28 days left of TFP’s crowdfunding appeal on Buzzbnk.  In this short interview she talks about why it is so important that as many people support the appeal as possible, what you can expect from the first issue, what, as a designer, has she tried to achieve in terms of the look and feel of TFP, and how has she found the experience of being part of the team.  Please put your hands in your pocket and help make this vital part of communicating Transition a reality.  We’re back on Monday with an interview with Looby Macnamara on Transition, permaculture and peoplecare.

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15 Jan 2013

Why the Transition Free Press needs your support: No. 1: Jay Tompt

There are 31 days left to go of the Transition Free Press crowdfunding appeal on Buzzbnk.  Transition Free Press would be such an amazing tool and resource for the Transition movement, and it needs your help.  I made my contribution in the other day, it took me about 2 minutes.  Yesterday I spoke to Jay Tompt, Business Manager for TFP, and started by asking him why Transition Free Press matters and why people should support it.

“From the standpoint of Transition as a movement, we feel it’s really key to have a presence out there, in news stands, in cafes, where people live their lives.  We’ll be reaching people who aren’t already involved, reaching beyond those early adopters.  We feel it could really galvanise groups that are already going, but also to bring new people and new energy into the movement”.

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