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22 Oct 2012

Your help needed! New book about Transition needs your awareness raising stories

Thanks to everyone who contributed their very short stories of the projects their Transition initiative has been up to (do keep ’em coming in…).  I have another request today… there is a section about awareness raising in this new little book about Transition that I am working on, about how Transition groups imaginatively introduce the concepts of peak oil, climate change, economic contraction and Transition to their local community.  I’d love to hear your stories about the piece of awareness raising of which you are most proud, which you think took a new approach to it, or which had impacts you hadn’t imagined.  Any stories spring to mind?  Thanks …

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15 Oct 2012

Your help needed! New book about Transition needs your projects … in a sentence

Yes, from the state of Rob’s desk, it must mean there’s a new book being gestated …

I have started work on a new book about Transition, with the working title of ‘The Thrill of Just Doing Stuff: The Little Book of Transition’ which will be out next Spring.  The idea is to create a smallish book that gives an introduction to Transition, but hopefully written in a way that will appeal beyond just those already involved.  To do this I need your help.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be asking for help in various ways, but today’s request is for you to tell me, in one sentence, about any projects your Transition initiative has done, or is doing.  Your help will be really important in making this a success.

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