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10 May 2013

An interview with Prof. Calvin Jones: “Economics is a child of the oil age”


The other day I read an excellent piece by Calvin Jones, Professor of Economics at Cardiff Business School (see right) called Technology Cannot Tackle Climate Change.  Having argued that, due to a range of issues, economic growth is no longer possible, he writes:

“Faced with these issues it is easy to withdraw into either a belief in an economic growth fairy, or into passive, nihilistic depression. But this is not necessary. Many societies historically have functioned perfectly well without ever-increasing levels of growth and complexity”.

He also wrote “the cognitive dissonance we feel, as GDP figures rise, and we feel ever more tired, stressed and scared, is real, and must be challenged”, rapidly becoming one of my favourite quotes.   Given the challenges of condensing complex arguments into short articles, I thought it would be good to have a chat with Calvin.  So what follows is either the audio file to listen to while you’re hoovering the stairs, or a transcript of our talk.

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9 May 2013

What does Transition look like in South Africa?

GTT_page_imageHere’s a fantastic video from DW (“Germany’s International Broadcaster”) about Transition in South Africa.  It is a clip from a longer programme called ‘Global 3000: The Globalisation Program’, and it looks at the work of Transition Town Greyton in South Africa.  It is a fascinating response to the question of “what does Transition look like beyond Europe and the US?”  It may well become one of my favourite videos about Transition:

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8 May 2013

Next Monday: Webinar – ‘Local Economic Blueprints: pioneering or pointless?’


On May 13th at 1pm BST, Transition Network and will be hosting a Webinar entitled Local Economic Blueprints: pioneering or pointless? and you are cordially invited to join us (details for how to watch it will be posted here at the end of the week).  It will look in more depth at the recently published ‘Totnes & District Local Economic Blueprint‘.  This innovative process, also being trialled in Hereford and in Brixton, looks at the potential of local economies, trying to quantify the potential economic benefits of taking a more localised approach to economic development.  It shows that, in the case of Totnes, a shift of 10% of money spent on food could lead to £2.2 million of increased local economic activity, with the resultant growth in jobs, training and so on.

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2 May 2013

An April Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition


We start this month’s Round Up with the first of two awards we’ll be giving out this month, the ‘Dedication to Transition Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award’.  It goes to David and Mark of Transition Keynsham, who will be taking part in the Exmouth Exodus bike ride to raise much needed funds for Transition Keynsham.  The Exodus ride is an overnight bike ride from Clifton to Exmouth, a total of around 100 miles with a few hills along the way!  If you would like to sponsor them, or send them encouraging words, please click here.  Every little helps (as they say).

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16 Apr 2013

Transition in action in … San Lazzaro, Italy


The Power of Just Doing Stuff is in the final editing stages, and as always in final editing stages, some things that have been there all along end up on whatever the book-writing equivalent of the cutting room floor is.  They’re too good to waste though, so I’ll be posting a few of them here.  We start with a piece about San Lazzaro Citta’ di Transizione in Italy.

In 2009 Massimo and Silvia Giorgini attended a Transition Training in Monteveglio, the first Transition initiative in Italy, and returned home inspired and determined to start Transition: San Lazzaro Citta’ di Transizione was born.  Projects thus far include a Bartering Market, a community solar photovoltaics scheme on a local school, a community garden and a study programme.

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