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19 Apr 2013

Active Hope – How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy: webinar video

Here is the video of yesterday’s webinar which I hosted and which featured Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone.  I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to everyone who participated, logged in and who helped make it happen.  The feedback on the technology was great, and we’ll certainly be doing more of them in the near future.

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18 Apr 2013

Today. Here. At 5pm BST. The Macy/Johnstone webinar!


Well this is all very exciting isn’t it.  It’s the first Transition Culture/ webinar, today, at 5pm BST.  So here’s how it’s going to work.  You need to watch this box below which will spring into life just before 5pm.

* The video recording of this will be posted soon *

Joanna and Chris will speak for about 15 minutes, I’ll ask them a couple of questions, and then I’ll ask them your questions, which you will be able to send in during the webinar.  The whole thing will be recorded and uploaded onto YouTube at some point in the future.  That’s about it really.  See you back here at 5pm.  If you bring popcorn or crisps do eat them quietly.

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17 Apr 2013

Six resilience “aha!” moments


Usually when I go to events I tend to be the ‘resilience guy’, or one of a handful of people who work with and think about resilience who tend to gather at the back of other events and bemoan the fact that no-one has talked about resilience yet.  So I was fascinated when I saw that the British Red Cross was hosting a one-day conference on resilience, the first that I’ve been aware of.  They had stated that the objectives of the day were to:

  • share and generate learning on how resilience building works in practice in various settings and from a variety of perspectives – in other words, what works well and why?
  • understand how humanitarian agencies can effectively contribute to building resilience within communities.

About 200 people attended, including researchers and policy-makers, community activists, people involved in refugee services,emergency/humanitarian response,health and social care and age-related resilience. It was a fascinating day, and one that I’d like to share five of my lightbulb moments from the day.

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16 Apr 2013

Transition in action in … San Lazzaro, Italy


The Power of Just Doing Stuff is in the final editing stages, and as always in final editing stages, some things that have been there all along end up on whatever the book-writing equivalent of the cutting room floor is.  They’re too good to waste though, so I’ll be posting a few of them here.  We start with a piece about San Lazzaro Citta’ di Transizione in Italy.

In 2009 Massimo and Silvia Giorgini attended a Transition Training in Monteveglio, the first Transition initiative in Italy, and returned home inspired and determined to start Transition: San Lazzaro Citta’ di Transizione was born.  Projects thus far include a Bartering Market, a community solar photovoltaics scheme on a local school, a community garden and a study programme.

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15 Apr 2013

David Seymour on the Totnes & District Local Economic Blueprint

In the last of this series of short videos about the Totnes & District Local Economic Blueprint, David Seymour of Bridgetown Stores in Totnes discusses its implications for the local economy.

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