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After eight years of frenzied blogging at this site, Transition Culture has moved to its new home. Do come and join us, but feel free to also browse this now-archived site and use the shop. Thanks for all your support, comments and input so far, and see you soon.

27 Jun 2013

On the moving of Transition Culture


This is the last post that will appear here at Transition Culture. From now on it will remain as an archive, in which you are very welcome to still rummage for buried treasures. I am deeply grateful to my friend Tom in Ireland who said “you should start a blog”. I barely knew what a blog was at that stage, and really had no sense of why I should be starting one. It took a while, but it became infectious, a daily practice. What my sketchbooks, my diaries had been, places to explore ideas, sketch out thoughts, see what ideas looked like when laid out for others to see, my blog now became. It was a steep learning curve. I had to learn bits of coding (WordPress was pretty basic then). I had to learn the art of blog writing, which is a different discipline from writing articles. But I loved it. And its readership grew steadily.

Having your own blog is an intensely personal thing. It’s your space. You edit yourself. It’s your own little corner of the internet. You decide what goes up and in what format. You discover, over time, the boldness to give yourself permission to write silly stories about slugs and potatoes without the fear that somehow this devalues the credibility of the rest of the site.  This feels like a moment that should be marked somehow. Not sure what’s the best way to do that. How about some fireworks?


Or perhaps some kind of reflection on my own favourite posts? I think I liked the April Fool about Danny Boyle buying the rights to remake ‘In Transition 2.0’ with proper actors and a racier storyline, I enjoyed the one about the Mercado de la Esperanza in Santander, and I enjoyed the one about the Lego house with solar panels on.   I thought you might find it interesting to see which have been the most commented posts on Transition Culture over the last 8 years. Here they are:

  1. Film review: Why ‘Thrive’ is best avoided (181)
  2. A Critical Response to Michael Brownlee’s call for ‘Deep Transition’ (165)
  3. Your help needed with naming the sequel to ‘Transition Handbook’ (151)
  4. “A Farm for the Future”… essential viewing (115)
  5. Is Peak Oil Pessimism a Generation of Men Coming to Realise How Useless They Are? (112)
  6. Why the Survivalists Have Got It Wrong. (111)
  7. Responding to Sharon Astyk on Permaculture and Transition (110)
  8. Please Take Your Seats Ladies and Gentlement, the Online Screening of ‘In Transition’Starts Now… (99)
  9. 2012 and the Return of the Alarmingly Gullible (94)
  10. To Fly or Not to Fly? Transition Network debates…. what do you think? (87)
  11. I’m With Stupid (76)
  12. Responding to Alex Steffen’s Critique of Transition at WorldChanging (72)
  13. Why ‘Green Wizards’ Get Us Nowhere New… (70)
  14. Transition Conference 2009: Dates and Venue Announced (64)
  15. To Plan for Emergency, or Not? Heinberg and Hopkins debate (61)
  16. Bring Me The Woodburning Stove of Alfredo Garcia…. (59)
  17. A Friendly Permaculture Critique of the Obamas’ Vegetable Garden (55)
  18. Another Invasion of Our Mental Environment…. (54)
  19. Some Transition reflections on George Monbiot’s announcement that “we were wrong on peak oil” (54)
  20. Government ‘Peak Oil Summit’ Starts the Process of Government Acknowledging Peak Oil? (53)

As you can see, basically it is all the ones that were a bit more edgy, a bit more combatative, the ones that were are bit feisty and outspoken.  That is definitely a tradition we will uphold in our new home.  Anyway, it’s not really the end, more a new beginning. As of today, I will be posting in my new home at It may take us a while to settle in, but it will be the same content as you are used to here, with more besides. Indeed we start today with a post called Knitting your own MRI scanner.  Or not, which takes to task some of the lazier Twitter Transition bashers.

Tomorrow I’ll be passing on a fantastic idea that could make you millions (with the proviso that if you implement it you cut me in), and then we have a wide-ranging interview with Lord Adair Turner, former head of the UK Climate Commission and the Financial Services Authority. We’ve lots of other great stuff lined up for you too.  Come on over.

This landmark gives me the opportunity to thank some of the people who have helped to make Transition Culture what it has been. Firstly the wonderful Simon at LumpyLemon, a webmaster supreme who I would recommend to anyone. Eleanor, who transcribes a lot of the interviews and so on that you read here, and the many others who have done it in the past. Transition Network, for resourcing me for some of the time I spent on it, as well as much of the material. Amber, and before her, Helen, for pulling together the monthly round-ups and other content and for all manner of support. Ed at Transition Network for all his input. Tom, for first suggesting that a blog might be the way to go.  And most importantly to you for your comments, ideas, for turning up and reading the stuff I posted here, for entering competitions and falling for April Fools jokes.  Without you it would just have been me sitting with a laptop.

See you in our new home. I’ll put the kettle on.

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27 Jun 10:20am

It’s been a privilege to watch it all happening. The Sharon Astyk, above all, helped me hone my thinking. As have, often, your comments section! Yes, it’s nice to mark the change, and to say thanks to you, but glad you’re only moving.

Rob Hopkins
27 Jun 10:44am

Thanks Mary, you are very kind.

27 Jun 3:16pm

This feels like a Moment with a capital Emmm. I will miss this way of doing things – it has been like having a friend in my in box every day with something interesting to say. Hope the new format works out for you as well as this has. Go Rob!

David MacLeod
27 Jun 5:14pm


As one of the early followers of your blog, I want to thank you. Your blog has been extremely valuable and very inspiring, helping me to be more effective in my own “post-carbon outpost” (as we used to call it before the Transition brand took hold).

One of my favorites was the series of exhanges between you and Zachary Nowak, especially the 2006 post titled “Happy Relocalisers”, Doomers, Wheelwrights, and the Concept of Resilience. That was the first ‘peak oil’ post I remember that discussed resilience.

Cheers, and may your new blog continue to inspire!

Jonathan Smith
28 Jun 12:24am

Rob, I have really enjoyed this blog since it started and it’s given me much inspiration, thought provocation, laughs and insight. Many thanks for all your hard work. How you’ve found things genuinely interesting to write about several times a week, along with all your other commitments… well it seems good going to me!

Look forward to the new site.


John Robottom
29 Jun 8:03pm

what is the RSS link? igoogle cant find

Lumpy Lemon
1 Jul 12:20am