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10 Jun 2013

The Power of Just Doing Stuff ships tomorrow!


Here’s my kitchen table, covered in orders of The Power of Just Doing Stuff ready to be posted tomorrow.  Amazon aren’t shipping them until Friday, the only way you’ll get one sooner is to have your copy amongst the mountain of them that will be heading down to the post office on Tuesday.  You can order your copy here, and doing so today will guarantee that it joins this pile.  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says “There’s a buzz around this book, and its message, that gives great grounds for optimism on topics that are often rather doom-laden. Its true power lies in the fact that it’s many smart ideas are already underway”.  As we build up to this weekend’s pre-launch event in Bristol, and the launch next Tuesday in Crystal Palace there will be other content about it posted here this week.

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Stephen Blyth
15 Jun 9:21pm

This looks a useful and inspiring book. One question – are you going to sell this in a digital format?

18 Jun 8:47am

Hi Rob,

I really appreciate the book, and also the launch with the Mayor of Totnes !!
I was reading it in the train to a talk & two transition workshops, it inspires me some changes in the talk & workshops :-)

I have one question… Could you give more information & examples about this principle of resilience : “Overlap”.