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Transition Culture has moved

After eight years of frenzied blogging at this site, Transition Culture has moved to its new home. Do come and join us, but feel free to also browse this now-archived site and use the shop. Thanks for all your support, comments and input so far, and see you soon.

3 Jun 2013

Transition Culture is moving … do come with me!


You will hopefully have read my post recently about the big changes underway here, with Transition Culture, in a couple of weeks, moving home and taking up its new residence at  It’s all going fine, falling into place nicely.  Many of you who are regular readers will also be subscribers, so you get an email notification each time a new article is posted.  We are keen that as many subscribers as possible join us in our journey across the waves of cyberspace.  I recently emailed all of the Transition Culture subscribers and got a response from nearly a half of you – mostly to say yes – thank you. According to Ed our webmeister, this is a fantastic response rate, but I reckon we can go further.  If you are a subscriber, you should have an email in your inbox.  We need to hear from you by this Thursday (June 6th).  The email is a very simple survey that will, literally, take less than a minute to do, unlike all those other email surveys that claim they will only take a minute and end up taking up half your morning (i.e. this one only has 2 questions in it).  In its new home, Transition Culture will be maintaining its edge while bedding it into all the amazing voices and activities from around the movement, and I hope you come with me and help me make it work.  Thanks. 

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Betty Dawes
3 Jun 1:21pm

Will not wish to miss news of Transition. My action was late because I was on holiday last week.
Best wishes.

Annette Eyrich
3 Jun 2:06pm

did not get the email, get your blog through google reader, would like to continue getting the blog however if you are not going to be available through google reader

John Robottom
4 Jun 1:32pm

did not get the e-mail. would gladly do survey. I get transition culture via RSS link to my igoogle page. Will I be able to do the same with the new setup?

anita van rossum
9 Jun 8:28pm

Was away and missed survey..apols. Please put me over to receive Rob’s blog . Thanks

Marian van der Veen
1 Jul 12:21pm

I knew about the move, but have been away on holiday, the whole month of June. I know about the decision to log in first, let’s see if I have a username or password already, or if I have to make my account when I open the recent news on the blog. Phewwww….. so much to catch up with… or… do I have to, really? Ahem.