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1 May 2013

It’s summertime at Transition Free Press!


The Summer Issue of the marvel that is Transition Free Press is published today and is being distributed via a Transition initiative near you as we speak.  It is packed with really great stuff, including, which is always a pleasure for me, stuff about Transition I didn’t know anything about.  The print quality is far improved on the first issue, it’s a crisp and colourful joy to behold.  This issue’s print run has increased to 13,000 copies, and one copy will be being bundled up and sent out to every subscriber to Permaculture Magazine with their copy of the magazine.   I’d say it’s pretty much essential reading for anyone interested in Transition.  Here is a browsable version of this new edition so you can see what I mean.

The second edition of something like this is always tricky, the “Second Album Syndrome” being a risk.  Speaking personally, I think it has found a voice and an identity that is its own.  You can read editor Charlotte DuCann’s thoughts about this latest edition here.   

Part of TFP’s authenticity comes from it being written by Transitioners out on the ground, sharing their insights and experience.  Things that leaps out for me from the latest edition were firstly the breadth of the material covered (from repair cafes to funerals, coal and fracking to Economic Blueprints).  Then there’s the things that through a fascinating new angle on things, such as John Thackara’s reflections on Rewilding the City, Oliver Lowenstein’s piece about Transition’s angle on infrastructure and regeneration, and, of course, Helen Steer’s piece about hop growers in London.  There are loads of inspiring stories that you can pick up and get started where you live.

As a fledgling enterprise, TFP needs your support. It needs distribution.  Transition initiatives across the country, and now in Sweden and Germany, undertake to buy a bundle of papers (250 copies) to give away, sell, leave in dentists’ waiting rooms, put in local Councillors’ mail boxes, give to friends, relatives and neighbours.  If your Transition initiative isn’t already a distributor, it would be a huge help if you become one.  More info, and a list of those already doing it, here.

It also needs advertising, if you are trying to reach an audience of passionate and committed Transition people, get in touch with them.  It needs subscribers, who will receive their copy through the letter box hot off the press.  There are already some, some from as far afield as Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, US, Australia and France, but they need more, and it’s a great way to show your support.  You can subscribe here.  Skills and technical support are also always useful.  If there are any budding assistant graphic designers out there, maybe they can get in touch via the website.  Roll on Issue 3.


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Tony Buck
6 May 7:09pm

This is a great effort. At first I thought it would cover things I had already seen on various websites. But I read almost every article and they added to the knowledge I need to flourish in the Sustain Age.