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4 Apr 2013

Would you like to host a Transition Thursday?

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Starting in June, to coincide with the publication of our new book ‘The Power of Just Doing Stuff’, Transition Network will hold 6 consecutive ‘Transition Thursdays’.

A Transition Thursday is at its simplest an event hosted by a Transition Initiative, in your area, with Rob Hopkins (and others as suitable) to share experiences, stories, questions and solutions.

The aim is to use the launch of the book as the opportunity to bring some support and invigoration to initiatives, and to enable some exciting coming together of neighbouring initiatives too.

What is on offer?

The concept is that Transition Thursdays would include the following offerings:

  • A Thursday afternoon of sharing experiences, questions and solutions with Rob Hopkins
  • A Thursday evening presentation by Rob on the latest thinking, developments and stories about Transition
  • A formal ‘launch’ of the book, to be interpreted however your group wishes to interpret it: strapping it to a rocket, sending it off down the river, whatever (although actually eating copies is best avoided)
  • Support with designing the evening event to most skilfully achieve the boost you feel your group/project most needs, possibly including a networking event for local initiatives from your wider area or Open Space
  • The following morning/day, the opportunity for your group to spend time with a Transition Trainer looking at tools and support that might help your initiative moving forward, focused around a diagnostic tool
  • This could be followed by a Transition Thrive training over the following weekend

We would like to invite initiatives who would like to host one to get in touch and to let us know how they think hosting such an event might help deepen, reinvigorate or broaden their work.

If you feel you would like to host one, and that it could have a real impact, then please email us before April 26th 2013 and tell us:

  • How would this help you?
  • Tell us the story of what you’d like to create
  • What would you like to do?


We expect that most of these would be in the UK, but suggestions are invited from initiatives in mainland Europe that can be reached by train. For further afield, it is possible that one of these Thursdays might be virtual, and linked in with local trainers and Transitioners.


Transition Network can cover the cost of Rob’s travel and attendance.

We hope that your Transition Thursday would generate some revenue for your initiative, and that would be able to contribute to further costs (of inviting a trainer for example).  The financial implications would be discussed on a case-by-case basis, depending on what you want to create. If you are selected as a host, we will help you to design the event that best meets your needs.

So, please send in your proposals, and let’s see if we can create 6 stunning Transition Thursdays!

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8 Apr 4:58pm

Has anyone in London stepped forward yet?