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1 Apr 2013

New Transition book to be published on Twitter


With the publishing industry in the doldrums, publishers are always seeking new, cutting edge approaches to getting their books noticed.  We can announce today that the next book about Transition, ‘The Power of Just Doing Stuff‘, will be the first book to entirely published on Twitter.  The publisher, Green Books, has decided the use the book to trial this new approach, which it hopes will serve to create a viral momentum around the book.  The idea is that the book’s 183,056 characters will be split into 1308 separate tweets, which will be tweeted one a day starting from today, using the hashtag #pojds.  We are proud therefore to be able to present the first instalment of this publishing milestone:


It is expected that it will take just over three and a half years for the book to be published.  It was inspired in part by the recent successful publication by Ebury of Ben Okri’s poem which was written exclusively for Twitter and posted as a line a day for ten days.  Elizabeth Dare from Ebury publishing told The Telegraph:

“We’re very keen on Twitter – it’s incredibly quick, simple and engaging. The growth potential is huge … it’s good for a publishing company to have direct contact with readers.”

Social media experts believe the research shows that people’s attention spans have contracted so much over the past 5 years that this kind of ‘drip feed’ approach will be the model for how people will consume books in the future.  Peter Lipman, Chair of Transition Network, said:

“We are thrilled about this new venture.  Like a rich chocolate cake, we feel The Power of Just Doing Stuff is so delicious that it is best savoured in very thin slices in order to give the readers time to digest its contents.  We’re sure this will prove a hit”.

The next instalment will be published tomorrow.

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Kevin Jarvis
1 Apr 8:07am

April Fools to you as well ;-:

1 Apr 8:11am


Why not one word per day – with a link to an on-line dictionary? This would give everyone the time to develop a deeper understanding of ‘doing stuff’.

1 Apr 8:27am

I am not thrilled by this idea. Drip feed over three and a half years? Please, no. There are many of us out there involved with Transition, and working on involving others, who do not subscribe (literally and figuratively) to Twitter. Is there no way we others can access the book? I’m happy to buy an on-line version but I’d like the whole thing at once. . . not possible?

1 Apr 9:32am

Sorry…..this is really really gimmicky. Rob I hope you reconsider and publish a PDF or something for the rest of us. We do work in the real world – and sharing these books has been an important part of building support for the ideas…

Most of the people in my small town barely use email. It’s a real community – people talk to each other.

1 Apr 9:42am

We mustn’t forget that this is the time of year when spring is in the air (in the northern hemisphere) 😀

1 Apr 9:42am

What a great idea! Dickens serialised all his great works and I’m sure he would have made the instalments even shorter if he had lived in the age of Twitter. Perhaps we would still be waiting for the end of Bleak House?

1 Apr 9:44am

I really like this idea! let’s go fishing with #pojds hooks in twitter pond 😀

Jon Knight
1 Apr 10:46am

What a great start to April. Let me be the 1st to congratulate you on this enterprise which others would be Fools to ignore!

1 Apr 11:13am it. April Fools. Slow on the uptake here.

1 Apr 3:03pm

Oh, Stephanie, why do you have to spoil the fun. Who knows how many transitioners would have blindly follow their leader down the path to ridicule. It could have been a nice lesson in applying some common sense and maybe even critical analysis to the leaders pronouncements.

Don’t follow leaders
Watch the parking meters

1 Apr 3:26pm

Almost had me, thank goodness I have teenagers to remind me of the date. Leave it to a Brit to pull the wool – thanks Rob!

michael Dunwell
1 Apr 5:40pm

Yes he does one every year.

1 Apr 5:51pm

Poisson d’avril :-)

Rob Hopkins
1 Apr 7:24pm

Dear all,

Yes, well spotted those who noted that this was in fact my April Fool story. Apologies especially to the woman who wrote my the very irate email to tell me what an appalling idea this was. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it…. Happy Easter… normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


Claude Emond
1 Apr 8:01pm

very funny :)

2 Apr 7:40am


2 Apr 11:09am

but actually… might it be a good idea? Might it reach thousands of people who otherwise would never dwell longer than 20 seconds on ‘transition’?