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13 Mar 2013

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

Here is one of the finest TED talks I have ever seen. “Gardening is the most defiant act you can do in the city”, “Get gangsta with your shovel” and “plant some shit”. Brilliant.

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danielle grunberg
13 Mar 1:27pm

Reckon we could do with some more of that shit over here.
Beautiful..moved to tears.

Ann Algie
13 Mar 4:54pm

Really liked this. Plain talking, clear message. Plant Food – anywhere!

13 Mar 5:56pm

Great talk, the guy makes an amazing point when it comes to the states, would be interesting to see how it translates in the UK where land is far more at a premium, especially in the inner city.

14 Mar 6:43pm

My favorite quote here: Growing your own food is like printing your own money!

michael Dunwell
14 Mar 9:03pm

This man has something to tell us here…in consumerland..

17 Mar 5:10pm

Thank you so much, Rob, for posting this! This easy going and at the same time (to me)fiercely passionate man is an inspiring example to me. He’s winning the audience by the use of slang and lack of pretention, great!

I’ve discussed the revival of towngarden projects in Utrecht with the (so far)only member of TT Utrecht, which has almost dissolved. The latter I mean :)except her initiative to create a community in her neighbourhood, thriving. She made friends doing this.

She’s driven and clear in her intentions, being French and not that much at home in the Dutch language, might be somewhat of an obstacle,with official parties involved. That language barrier, if it is one, teaches me about how we communicate and what we want to achieve by it.

For immigrants, speaking with difficulty, getting things done and send a clear message to achieve that, is a much greater effort, I realise now.

I enjoy most of your posts and the Perfect Storm by Tim Norman,is a very informative report, thank you!