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15 Jan 2013

Why the Transition Free Press needs your support: No. 1: Jay Tompt

There are 31 days left to go of the Transition Free Press crowdfunding appeal on Buzzbnk.  Transition Free Press would be such an amazing tool and resource for the Transition movement, and it needs your help.  I made my contribution in the other day, it took me about 2 minutes.  Yesterday I spoke to Jay Tompt, Business Manager for TFP, and started by asking him why Transition Free Press matters and why people should support it.

“From the standpoint of Transition as a movement, we feel it’s really key to have a presence out there, in news stands, in cafes, where people live their lives.  We’ll be reaching people who aren’t already involved, reaching beyond those early adopters.  We feel it could really galvanise groups that are already going, but also to bring new people and new energy into the movement”.

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Darren Woodiwiss
15 Jan 2:24pm

I think this is a brilliant idea and will definitely donate, we only wish we could become a distributor but 250 copies is way too many for us to cope with… 50 would be more appropriate.

Good luck and best wishes to the contributors!

15 Jan 5:46pm

thanks Rob :) Just finalising the files ready for starting the presses rolling on Monday. Exciting!

15 Jan 5:59pm

Yes,we at Transition Hertford discussed it but didn’t feel we could shift 250 copies. We have experience of distributing Positive News and think 50 would be more realistic. Good luck though! :)

David Lyons
15 Jan 11:42pm

To the folks who find 250 too many…get in touch with someone who already has an order and help them shift it! I know we will struggle with our 250 – so get in touch and if you or one of your group will be in London I could arrange to meet and give you a bundle (I commute Marylebone – Waterloo – Shoreditch area)….. or perhaps you could get together with another group a share….

jane jones
16 Jan 11:42am

We will be doing just that. Thanks to Lewes,Cuckmere Valley will be getting half bundles.
125 per quarter. We are a very small group, but do manage easily to dispose of 200 Positive News quarterly…Friends take many, share,also put them in cafes,pubs, doc’s surgery, village halls, station waiting rooms etc Lets spread the word! We will sell TFP when we can, ask for donations and give away. Good luck. It’s brilliant!

Mark Watson
16 Jan 2:28pm

Hi everyone, and thanks Rob and Jay for a great interview.
I’m managing the distribution of the Transition Free Press bundles and so you find me at the moment under a huge pile of invoices, responding to everyone’s emails and making sure I’ve got all the addresses to send the bundles to (and the payments!) It’s all go and very exciting.
For this first ‘proper’ issue we’re delivering bundles of 250 (or increments) to initiatives, who then sell them or give them away or share them with other initiatives and groups who then do the same.
The papers come prepacked from the printer and I then forward them on to each main distributor. The delivery charge is a minimum of £10 per parcel/bundle.
If you’d like to share bundles do get in contact with other groups in your area, as @David has suggested here and @Jane is doing. It’s a great way not only to share costs but to connect and network with other people in transition. Quite a few groups are already doing this.
I’m not sure of what’s happening in your area in Hertford, @Carolyn, but it’d be worth investigating, certainly for the next issue if not for this one. And @Darren, Transition Leicester is taking a bundle, so you may want to contact them.
We will be exploring the possibility (and the logistics) of smaller bundles for next time, maybe 125 copies.
At the moment though it’s full-on prepublication putting the paper to bed, getting it printed, last-minute details organisation week.
Meanwhile to ensure your copy and to give us the chance to explore more options for the next issues, do donate via our Buzzbnk campaign and tell everyone you know about TFP.

It’s going to be a good one!

all the best everyone,

jane jones
17 Jan 7:39pm

Hi Rob or Mark?…I’ve been trying to make a donation today, but Buzzbank won’t accept my application. Have tried over and over. This needs to be easier for folk who want to donate…..Help!
Best wishes