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21 Dec 2012

Signing off for the festive season

Today Transition Culture, like a hibernating tortoise, gets wrapped in cotton wool and old jumpers and popped into a box (with breathing holes) under the bed for a couple of weeks.  Things have been a little quiet here over the last couple of weeks, due to my being in a final flurry of writing and editing of the new Transition book, due out in the Spring.  At the end of today I shall click ‘send’ and dispatch it to the editor and then not think about it at all until she gets back with edits.  It has come together rather nicely I think, a very enjoyable process.  I even got to do some drawings which will hopefully make it in, one of which appears above.  As the last post before Christmas, I thought I might reflect on a few useful things you might like to read until we next meet on these virtual pages.

A few things I have especially enjoyed recently:

That should keep you entertained for a while.  Alternatively, and far more likely, you will turn your computer off and not read any of it.  Good for you, far more sensible.  Have a great break.  Business resumes here early January.

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Trish Knox
21 Dec 8:41pm

Have a wonderful holiday with your family, Rob, and know that tortoise dreams do come true.

I am purchasing several Transition Companion books for a study group just as you publish a new one! You are one fast tortoise!

Welcome 2013, and may we as intelligent and loving people add happiness and well-being across our precious Earth Mother.

Finn Jensen
22 Dec 3:53pm

Thanks Rob for all your blogs thoughout the year. May I suggest you regularly make a list of interesting articles on the web – like the one above. Other people can of course add to the list.