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22 Nov 2012

A Transition crowdfunding 2: Transition Forres’ Environmental Education and Healthy Living Centre

Yesterday we had the first of two Transition crowd-funding opportunities, and today here is the second.  Transition Town Forres are crowdfunding to be able to build the Transition Town Forres Environmental Education and Healthy Living Centre, and you can support their appeal here.  Here is a short video they made about their plans:

And here is a bit more detail about what they are planning.  Please give them your support.

“Our dream – Nourishing food! We want everybody to GROW and EAT lots of it. We’re building an Environmental Education & Healthy Living Centre on our 2-acre site, and we’ll take food right from the gardens into the Centre to show people how to use it for cooking, juicing, and more.

Basically, we want to help people be healthier (less obesity and diabetes) and to learn how to take better care of the earth. The Centre will be a vibrant hub where people can share and exchange information, resources, encouragement and smiles.

At the Centre we’ll have courses, demonstrations, talks, film screenings, discussions, and more around topics like cooking, nutrition, gardening, vermiculture, composting, and more.

We’ll also restart the local Farmers Market, using the Centre as a vital and vibrant hub — a small cafe, a place for cooking demonstrations, and a place to warm up when the weather is cold”.