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15 Oct 2012

Your help needed! New book about Transition needs your projects … in a sentence

Yes, from the state of Rob’s desk, it must mean there’s a new book being gestated …

I have started work on a new book about Transition, with the working title of ‘The Thrill of Just Doing Stuff: The Little Book of Transition’ which will be out next Spring.  The idea is to create a smallish book that gives an introduction to Transition, but hopefully written in a way that will appeal beyond just those already involved.  To do this I need your help.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be asking for help in various ways, but today’s request is for you to tell me, in one sentence, about any projects your Transition initiative has done, or is doing.  Your help will be really important in making this a success.

The idea is that down the side of every page will be a list of projects, so as to give people loads of ideas of things they can do.  Hopefully the book will positively drip with inspiring ideas and possibilities.  In order to do that though, I need your help.  I have gone through the most recent ‘Round-ups of What’s Happening in the World of Transition‘ and pulled out loads of stories to give you a sense of the format (see below).  As few words as possible (some will be gone into in a lot more depth in the actual book) just to capture the essence of what’s happening.

Have a look through the list below first though.  Your project may well be in the list, if so, please check I have got it right, and that you are happy for it to be in the list.  Thanks for your input!  It’s a pretty impressive list event as it is at the moment.  If you want to suggest changes, or add new projects/stories, please use the comments box below.  It doesn’t have to be something huge, well-funded and high profile.  The idea is to give a sense of the diversity and creativity of what Transition groups get up to.  Thanks for your help:


Transition Deventer created ‘edible facade gardens’ • TT Orillia ran workshops on canning and food preserving • T Los Angeles and T Maitland ran ‘permablitzes’ • TT Taunton harvested local apples to distribute to local charities • TT Portobello’s ‘Fruitful Porty’ plants fruit trees around the town, like TT Mount Eden and many others • TT High Wycombe, like many others, created a local food guide • TT Sturminster Newton are creating a community garden • T Southport created a local food guide • T Kensal to Kilburn pressed apples on Kilburn High Road • T Haverford West held a ‘supper club’ with local food • T Donabate Portrane’s ‘Chicken Link’ helped people start keeping chickens • TT Kinsale ran the ’50 Mile Meal Award’ •Marsden & Slaithwaite TT issued a ‘Declaration of Independence from the Global Food System’ • TTs Horncastle, Stroud, Totnes and others ran ‘Edible Garden Open Days’ • T Leytonstone produced ‘Transition Ale’ to celebrate their birthday • T Hebden Bridge set up ‘HebVeg’ a vegetable box scheme • T Kensal to Kilburn create a community garden on Kilburn Underground station • T Finsbury Park created Edible Landscapes London, a demonstration perennial plant food garden • TT Topsham created ‘Topsham Ales’, a local community-supported brewery • T Belsize created a food garden in the car park of their local Premier Inn • T Louth created a community garden • Transição em Telheiras ran a window ledge food growing workshop • T Pittsburgh’s ‘Sustainability Jam’ taught a new generation to make jam • TT Durham’s ‘Fruitful Durham’ maps local fruit trees, plants new ones, and harvest and distributes locally harvested fruit • TT Breda gave away free food plants in the centre of town • T Bath turned the city’s ‘Hedgemead Park’ into ‘Vegmead Park’ • T West Kirby set up ‘Fruitshare’ and campaigned for new allotments • TT Bridport worked with their local school helping them to set up food gardens • TT Tooting’s annual ‘Foodival’ explores what ‘local food’ means in a very diverse community •T Maidenhead have set up ‘Food Nation’, a local food hub • TT Horncastle are creating an urban orchard • TT Payson have made a community garden • TT Manitou Springs have set up a seed bank • TTs Worthing, Totnes, Cambridge, Stratford and many others have created Gardenshare schemes • TT Blandford created a ‘Local Food Evening’ and mapped local producers • TT Honiton held a ‘Seedy Saturday’ • T Kensal to Kilburn ran a ‘Big Dig’ • Saltash in Transition created an ‘Incredible Edible’ plot in the middle of town • T Keene create a Neighbourhood Food Security Programme • TT Wivenhoe’s Station Community Garden grows food at the local train station • TT Berkeley held a ‘Crop Swap’ • T Lancaster’s ‘Fruity Corners’ has seen fruit trees planted across the city • TT Luxembourg have created a city community garden •TT Chesterfield, Stroud and others have run ‘Potato Days’ •TT’s Hackney and Stoke Newington have mapped all their local fruit trees • Transition Oakville run a ‘Backyard Bounty & garden sharing’ project • Sustainable Bungay run ‘Happy Mondays’, a monthly, seasonal, 2 course meal for 50 people • T Cadillac ran the ‘100 Yarden Kickoff’ (Google it…) • TT Durham set up a Local Food Network •


T Garopaba set up a big composting scheme • TT Shrewsbury set up a cardboard recycling scheme • TT Brixton set up ‘ReMakery Brixton’, teaching fixing and mending skills •


T Hebden Bridge offered free energy audits • T Horncastle did a heating make-over of a community centre • TTs Stroud, Totnes, Lewes and others run annual ‘Open Eco Homes’ events • Bath & West Community Energy raised over £750,000 in community shares • TT Whitehead ran an ‘Energy Saving Challenge’ • T Portobello have been working towards a community wind turbine • TT Totnes’ ‘Transition Streets’ programme won the 2011 Ashden Award for Behaviour Change • TT Witzenhausen has run demonstrations on solar cooking • Brixton Energy is turning community investment into community renewables • Melbourne Area Transition installed 48 PV panels on the roof of a local 12th century church • T Belsize began ‘Community Draughtbusters’, now being replicated by many other London initiatives • TT Shrewsbury are installing a hydropower scheme on the local weir • T Eynsham Area are insulating local homes • TT Taunton have been researching the best ways to reduce energy use in the area • T West Bridgford ran the ‘Eco Houses’ project • T High Wycombe’s ‘Warm Homes Team’ thermally images local homes • TT Lewes set up the Ouse Valley Energy Services Company which has done several installations, including the Community Solar Power station which raised £310,000 from local people • TT Hexham are installing a hydro on River Hexham • Marsden & Slaithwaite have been insulating and improving energy efficiency in hard-to-treat homes • TT Exmouth ran a ‘Green Energy Evening’ •TT Wilmslow ran ‘Green Door’ events • Sustaining Dunbar created a community energy company • T Marlow are setting up a hydro scheme on their local weir •T Maidenhead have created a Solar Co-op, and done energy modelling for local community buildings •

Local economic regeneration

TT Whangarei ran a ‘Community Job Summit’ • TT Portobello set up a new Farmers’ Market • Sustaining Dunbar created a new bakery funded by a local share option which raised £50,000 • TT Chesham set up a new market which won the ‘Greenest Market in Britain’ award • TT Totnes ran a Local Entrepreneurs’ Forum • TT Marlborough set up a new market in the town • Totnes, Stroud, Lewes, Brixton and then Bristol have created their own currencies • T Sydney ran a ‘Living Economies Forum’ • T Ashland ran a ‘Speed Skilling’ workshop • TT Lewes set up a ‘Decision Lab’, offering support to Transition groups and enterprises • TT Lewes set up a new weekly food market • Sustaining Dunbar created a Car Club •


Transition groups across the US hold ‘pot luck dinners • TT Comox Valley held a ‘Picnic in the Park’ • TT Whitehead are planting 60,000 trees • TT Cheltenham held a ‘Transition Festival’ • TT Tooting ran ‘Treasuring Tooting’ and opened a ‘Tooting Transition Shop’ for 9 days • T Cardiff have been mapping green activity across the city •T Brasilandia ran a ‘Sustainable Health Fair’ •TT Peterborough ran the ‘Purple Onion Festival’


In Sweden, local Transition groups write columns for their local newspapers • T Finsbury Park ran the ‘Well Oiled Festival’ • TT Romsey held a ‘Green Fair’ • T Ottawa held ‘Urban Wild Tours’ • The High School in Santa Coloma de Queralt declared itself a Transition School • T Oamaru and Waitiki District held a Sustainable Skills School • T Guelph held a Resilience Festival • TT Leamington held a ‘Wool Day’ teaching a range of skills •T Prince Rupert developed a crash course in Transition • Transition Brasil have set up their own magazine •

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Jon Knight
15 Oct 10:59am

Transition Loughborough have a solar PV discount purchase scheme for home owners.

Simon Robinson
15 Oct 11:08am

Transition Consciousness has taken Transition Towns into business schools to teach organisations how they can develop their own transition programmes.

Lisa Siegel
15 Oct 11:29am

Transition Bellingen runs a monthly “Freemarket” in which everyone swaps – no money involved.

Transition Bellingen created a “River Festival” to celebrate the river running through the town.

Transition Bellingen runs monthly “Reskilling Workshops”: jam making, edible weeds, beekeeping, and more.

Transition Bellingen created “EcoBello” – a network of local sustainability groups – which is now creating a Learning and Living Centre.

Darren Woodiwiss
15 Oct 1:08pm

Transition Town Market Harborough invested in a community apple press constructed by a local craftsman from local wood.

Transition Town Market Harborough is experimenting to see if it can help reinvent its comfortable and covservative community with a £1 million lottery grant, this will provide five full time project workers for five years.

Horacio Drago
15 Oct 1:14pm

Comarca Andina en Transicion created a project named “One Silo in Each Neighborhood” to have community owned grain storages and milling devices available for each area of our local region.

Comarca Andina en Transicion is about to launch “The Sun Project – Reinventing money” at its very first experimental phase. This has nothing in common with classics ‘Lietaer-Based’ community currencies projects like Totnes Pound, Lewes Pound and others. This is a very new concept of money, a natural money which works based on natural laws (bioeconomy), implements a new ‘energetic’ unit of account named SUN unleashed from any kind of officials units of accounts (dolar, pound, pesos, etc), therefore it do not depends on any kind of official economy whims, putting special emphasis on that every money unit must have its real energy backup.

We have launched and/or about to launch many other projects, but may be very hard to describe it here…

15 Oct 5:08pm

Hi Rob, great idea for a book

BUT where’s the ARTS/MUSIC/THEATRE section?

No time right now to add a few projects but will do…& what about the Trashcatcher’s Carnival, or do you only want things that haven’t yet had any airspace?

Bob Segraves-Collis
15 Oct 5:08pm

Transition is also personal, I started growing food!

Kevin Wilson
15 Oct 5:14pm

No transport?

TT Powell River ran a Green Transport Roadeo

TT Powell River ran a food workshop series with the local Food Security Project

TT Powell River presented a Community Permaculture weekend workshop

Claudia French
15 Oct 6:33pm

Nice idea Rob.
Shame it wont be out for xmas, as it sounds like it’d be a nice stocking filler… and more useful than the usual random assortment of odd & ends!!

Here’s something from our group:

Transition Uppsala (Sweden) are running free, cozy, upskilling-exchange workshops, over the dark winter months, when nothing much will grow so far north.

In May 2012 Transition Uppsala held the first public screening of In Transition 2.0 in Sweden.

Transition Uppsala (Sweden) holds popular monthly “Film.Fika.Konversation” events, where we watch a film, share locally produced food and discuss how the film is relivant to Uppsala and Transition Towns in general.

David MacLeod
15 Oct 7:29pm

Transition Whatcom hosted the first annual Whatcom Skillshare Faire, with sessions on everything from darning socks to a demo of a mini anaerobic digester.

Transition Whatcom holds monthly film showing and discussion in conjuction with the local cinema.

Transition Whatcom co-sponsors regular events with authors in conjunction with locally owned bookstore.

Debbie Simpson
15 Oct 7:55pm

Transition San Fernando Valley runs a weekly LA Free Market with free clothes, free household goods, & free sustainable skill workshops

Transition San Fernando Valley established the San Fernando Valley Time Exchange (independent, free time bank)

Transition San Fernando Valley taught Food Security workshops

Transition San Fernando Valley established a Seed Bank with 3 locations

Transition San Fernando Valley hosts Seed & Plant Exchanges twice a year

Transition San Fernando Valley hosted a Permaculture Garden Tour

Transition San Fernando Valley taught a Permaculture Discovery course

Transition San Fernando Valley hosted a Repurpose Clothes workshop

Transition San Fernando Valley demonstrated making your own Solar Cookers

Transition San Fernando Valley taught Solar Cooking workshops

Transition San Fernando Valley taught a Solar Water Heating workshop

Transition San Fernando Valley taught a World of Health course

Transition San Fernando Valley hosts monthly potlucks

Dick Hoyt
16 Oct 12:47am

Transition Lubec (“Easternmost Town in the U.S.” successfully ran a farmers’ market – the first ever! – this summer!

16 Oct 6:06am

Ferrara in Transizione showed lots of movie in private houses, gardens, courtyard and public parks

Ferrara in Transizione runned Transition Tales workshop with students and teachers

Ferrara in Transizione organized small and big events where everybody brought some food for themselves and to share

Ferrara in Transizione gifted the local Libraries copies of The Transition Handbook

Nico Tyabji
16 Oct 12:08pm

Good plan Rob – contributions from Transition Tufnell Park in London below:

T Tufnell Park created two shared gardens (food)

T Tufnell Park draft busters help insulate each other’s homes (energy)

T Tufnell Park set up a weekly Farmers’ Market in the local pub car park (local economic regeneration)

T Tufnell Park do free film screenings and socials (community-building)

Rob Hopkins
16 Oct 12:36pm

Thanks all, this is fab! Please keep’em coming….

Miguel Leal
16 Oct 4:50pm

Paredes em Transição, held an information seminar with the precence of the National Food Security Agency and Revenue Portugal, so that local producers knew the rules of the game and were able to sell their products.

anneke campbell
16 Oct 6:24pm

Transition Mar Vista/Venice established an on-going pay it forward food growing project, we built little free libraries, we host a monthly eco-movie, potluck, and produce exchange, and coming up we will host “make your own solar panel” and “simplify the holidays” workshops.

Jon Knight
16 Oct 8:18pm

A few more Transition Loughborough ones:

Transition Loughborough have a “Green Army” to battle overgrown gardens and allotment plots in order to help people start growing their own food.

Transition Loughborough are taking part in the PECT lead “Skill share” project to encourage local folk to share their skills and experience with others.

Transition Loughborough acquired funding for an apple press, scratter and pasteuriser so that we can hold apple days in local community centres and orchards, saving fruit from being wasted and encouraging folk to make use of the food resources around them.

Rose Parkhouse
16 Oct 8:52pm

Transition Chepstow are working on wildlife projects!
“Wildlife in Transition” are doing some citizen science to monitor bumblebees and other wildlife locally and getting more pollinator friendly planting into local parks.

16 Oct 11:09pm

Transition Chepstow partner Chepstow Town Council for ‘Apple Day 2012′ celebration.
Transition Chepstow and a local organic farmer start a Landshare scheme in 2011.
Transition Chepstow’s ‘Give It Away, Take It Away’ Spring 2012 event attracts over 300 locals.
Transition Chepstow organise the ‘Transition Zone’ at Green Gathering 2012.
Transition Chepstow are regular attendees at the Monmouthshire County Council coordinated ‘Climate Champions’ quarterly meetings.
Transition Chepstow joined the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens on a great trip to Incredible Edible Todmorden.
Transition Chepstow plant up three town centre planters with edible and pollinator friendly plants.
Transition Chepstow help to coordinate Monmouthshire wide ‘2012 – Eco Open Doors’ event.

jane jones
17 Oct 12:25pm

Hi Rob.Cuckmere Valley Transition now have beautiful organic cloth bags designed by local school girl, distributed around valley and at our events.

Nigel Pugh
17 Oct 5:02pm

Collating all community, sustainable, green, local food events onto one web-page and promoting them via social media.

18 Oct 1:24am

Transition Houston has run monthly permablitzes during the cooler months of the year since Spring 2010.

Transition Houston’s Transportation Action Group organized a Bike Rodeo to help nearly 60 children in the Heights neighborhood learn bicycle skills and safety while having fun.

Transition Houston partners with several other environmental organizations to screen films monthly in the Houston Green Film Series.

Transition Houston partnered with the Houston Peace and Justice Center to hold a Buy Local conference in 2010.

Transition Houston’s Energy Action Group exhibited solar ovens at the Last Organic Outpost’s Farm Fest.

Transition Houston’s Housing Action Group organized a trip to Huntsville to see and tour the Phoenix Commotion homes ( built out of recycled and reclaimed materials.

18 Oct 10:11am

Melbourne Area Transition also:

Created a local food festival as part of the annual town arts festival and sponsored a textiles upcycling evening.

Bought and operates a community apple press.

Is setting up a demonstration food forest at two local schools.

Josué Dusoulier
18 Oct 12:48pm

Food :
Ath en Transition began a new community garden.

Education :
Ath en transition organise reskilling workshops.

Community-building :
Ath en transition will begin soon (in 2012) a Transition Streets program.

Waste :
Ath en transition will begin soon a “Repair Cafe”.

19 Oct 2:50am


Let’s replace our fixation on growth with a steady-state economy focusing on
lower consumption, leisure and ecological health.

Peter Willcox
19 Oct 3:02pm

TT Letchworth has pressed apples to make apple juice for three years now. This year we have started going into schools; the kids are fascinated, and mostly like the juice!!

Graham Burnett
19 Oct 5:38pm

Southend in Transition published ‘Top Of The Crops’, a basic guide to growing your own veg in your garden.

Southend in Transition ran Permaculture introductory weekends and full Design Courses.

19 Oct 6:40pm

TTTotnes Arts Network has hosted many talks/demos/workshops, by both local and International eco-artists/craftspeople (such as Lynne Hull and Shai Zakai when they were visiting Devon.
Also, regularly taken part in non-TTT events in Totnes (Xmas Tree decorating in St Mary’s Church, and the annual Lantern Procession) to build solidarity with other groups.
Currently running Monday Morning Moots, a drop in session for artists of all sorts in a local Cafe on Monday mornings….easy to access & helps local trade.

sana kazi
21 Oct 1:19am

hi! i am also working on the idea of Transition. I am currently doing master’s in visual Arts, and making paintings on this concept. I came across your website and find it quite interesting. My Degree show is in Dec this year. Transition sprouts from my personal transformation, however it now through my imagery has political, social and religious connotations. good luck with you book. :))

Elinor Askmar
21 Oct 2:26pm

Transition (omställning) Gothenburg started a clothes library and a redesign studio to promote resilient clothes culture.

Transition Gothenburg started a music competition called Write for the planet! To give people new areanas to get involved and express their fears and hopes about the future.

21 Oct 7:47pm

Omstilling Sagene (Transition Sagene) in Oslo, Norway has created a mobile garden trailer to question the free street parking paradigm along residential streets AND to raise awareness of the five-year waiting period to get an allotment.

Nayeema Eusuf
22 Oct 1:22am

East Valley Transition holds spring and fall seed swap in SE Phoenix
East Valley Transition and Chandler Sunset Library has a ‘Sustainable Living booklist’ of titles available at the library
Great idea Rob!

22 Oct 8:21am


“Transitie Zele” from Belgium is raising awareness at this very moment.

Last friday, we invited Belgium’s “Low Impact Man” ( for a talk at our community center. We asked him to explain and link cimate change and peak oil and give people an incentive and tips to start changing their behaviour. We expected 45-50 people, 115 showed up!!!! (of which only a minority by car ;))

Transitie Zele is already doing:
– community gardening on a common lot
– breeding a permaculture fruit garden
– clothing swopping events
– information campaign on Facebook an internet

Hopefully, we’ll make it to the book!

Kind regards,

Transitie Zele

Michaela Woollatt
22 Oct 9:20am

Transition Nayland host an annual ‘Bring Along your Harvest to Share’ BBQ for villagers at the local allotments which Transition Nayland helped to create

Transition Nayland host annual summer and winter solstice walks to celebrate the turning of the seasons

Transition Nayland held an apple pressing day in the heart of our local village turning unwanted apples into apple juice for the community

Transition Nayland contributed to the local village festival by preparing an enormous ‘5 mile paella’ for all, with ingredients foraged and grown from within 5 miles

Transition Nayland took part in the Transition Sudbury and District forum on climate change alongside local MPs

Transition Nayland formed the UKs first community energy scheme in April 2009 – Green Energy Nayland putting 84 solar panels on the village school

Michaela Woollatt
22 Oct 9:26am

Transition Nayland support our annual village christmas fayre but running a ‘5 miles soup stall’ – we make the soup ourselves from vegetables grown either by ourselves or within 5 miles of our village

Paul Gasson
22 Oct 2:28pm

Transition Walthamstow coordinated an inspirational Apple Day event attended by over 1,200 local people in the garden of the Vestry House Museum. As well as traditional apple bobbing, guess the weight, & longest peel competitions, organic apple sales & juicing, we had a children’s craft tent, local musicians, stalls for local groups, morris dancing, organic cider and hundreds of home baked apple puddings & cakes for sale.

Kaat Vander Straeten
22 Oct 9:52pm

Transition Wayland started a beekeepers (and bees) support group.

23 Oct 9:22am

Transition Linlithgow promoted discounts on Solar Panels and fitted over 400 in just 2 years.
Transition Linlithgow are encouraging the formation of a Community Development Trust
Transition Linlithgow helped to form allotments and planted 3 orchards.
Transition Linlithgow ran a 6 month trial Food Co-op
Transition Linlithgow have started a local Bread Club
Transition Linlithgow ran an Eco Advice Centre for 2 years
Transition Linlithgow hosted 2 Harvest Feasts feeding over 500 people with local food.

Chrissie Godfrey
23 Oct 3:25pm

Taunton Transition Town
Take out mention of “Research best ways to reduce energy” – not a good project.
Include, if you fancy:
created an online “free food map” of Taunton
planted up a herb and medicinal plant garden in main park as part of Taunton In Bloom
made short films about energy using a thermal imaging camera
did a Green Doors project
teamed up with Somerset Wildlife Trust to do apple pressing and community consultation about making the town waterways a “bee friendly” haven

Paul Hendriksen
24 Oct 9:31am

Hi Rob,
To make sure a lot of entries will be made from the Netherlands this time, too, here’s for starters some stuff from Deventer. I’ll encourage other Dutch Transitioners to contribute their own pieces of the puzzle. Good luck with sorting out all of this wonderful material!

TT Deventer has spawned and supported dozens of edible gardens all over the city
TT Deventer has made a short professional promo film of their work
TT Deventer has hosted a 3-day national Transition Conference (2011)
TT Deventer is strongly tied in to a highly prolific eco-homes building project (earthships), see
TT Deventer has distributed over 3,000 sachets of bee-friendly seeds to be sown in a 12 kilometre ribbon across the city
TT Deventer initiated one of the first Dutch collective solar-panel buyers schemes in 2009
TT Deventer made a mobile edible garden in a cargobike
TT Deventer organises a yearly Big Summer Picknick
TT Deventer encourages Guerilla Gardening
TT Deventer is planning for an Energy Descent Action Plan
TT Deventer has an office of their own
TT Deventer hosts lots of practical skills workshops, i.e. spinning/natural wool dying, fresh wood working, making willow fences, gardening, clothes repairing
TT Deventer has launched a successful Repair Cafe in cooperation with a local recycle shop
TT Deventer has encouraged and suported new Transition initiatives in 6 neigbouring cities

That’s it for now, hopefully you get more Dutch examples the following days.


Joanne Poyourow
12 Nov 5:58pm

Environmental Change-Makers (part of Transition Los Angeles) partnered with a local school to build a combination school garden + community garden + community park on school property.

Environmental Change-Makers (part of Transition Los Angeles) helped found an area-wide coalition promoting Seed Freedom and GMO-free gardens.

Environmental Change-Makers (part of Transition Los Angeles) published a vegetable crop rotation wheel to help home gardeners increase productivity.

Environmental Change-Makers (part of Transition Los Angeles) made “edible seed bombs” with seeds of rugged and drought-tolerant vegetable plants.

Environmental Change-Makers (part of Transition Los Angeles) hosted Cluck Trek, a tour of local chicken coops.

Environmental Change-Makers (part of Transition Los Angeles) worked with students from a local art school to help them explain edible gardens, environmental solutions, and food justice through their artwork.

Jo Homan
12 Nov 8:26pm

T Finsbury Park created Edible Landscapes London, a community plant nursery showcasing low maintenance gardening and providing accredited training.

Antony Melville
12 Nov 9:29pm

Transition Highbury ran the Highbury Earth Festival, with 2 bands leading a papier mache globe made by the school. The Islington Council Green Space team said it was their best day out in years.

Tom Allen
26 Nov 10:50am

Transition Kentish Town launched a social enterprise organic vegetable box scheme.

Transition Kentish Town run a monthly ‘do it yourself’ Bike Workshop on the first Monday of the Month.

Transition Kentish Town have launched Homemade Wednesdays every other month, making cosmetics, cleaning products, soap, etc.

Michelle Weiner
15 Dec 2:50am

Transition Culver City (TCC, hin the Los Angeles area) hosted a community think tank, brainstorming solutions to plastic bag pollution and creating an art piece from plastic bags in front of City Hall. Culver City Council will most likely be passing a ban on single-use plastic bags March 2013.
TCC launched a successful campaign to win a 4-year City Council seat for a local Transition leader, Meghan Sahli-Wells. TCC organized an Alternative Transportation Parade, to familiarize the community with soon-to-open light rail facilities and how to integrate bikes and light rail. We invited local organizations to partner in the event. TCC hosted a barn-raising style chicken run build. TCC hosted a grain-milling, hand-pie workshop. TCC lead a bicycle tour of the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, focusing on home food production. TCC hosted two landscape rain catchment workshops.

Anthony Slaughter
15 Dec 10:49am

Book sounds like a great idea.
Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) launched and runs the ‘Shop in Penarth’ loyalty card scheme to promote local independent retailers. There are now more than 60 shops in the scheme and over 3500 cards in circulation.
GPG organizes the annual Penarth Local Food festival promoting local food producers and retailers.
GPG has planted a Community Orchard and organizes guided foraging walks.

Roger Matthews
10 Jan 1:38pm

Transition Stratford (upon Avon) also runs a Harvest Share scheme – one of the largest in the country – and has been heavily involved in setting up Community Energy Warwickshire ( has installed solar PV on roofs of local hospitals.