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After eight years of frenzied blogging at this site, Transition Culture has moved to its new home. Do come and join us, but feel free to also browse this now-archived site and use the shop. Thanks for all your support, comments and input so far, and see you soon.

26 Jan 2012

Your chance to be in a music video!

This is your chance to be in the Transition music video! With the upcoming release of In Transition 2.0 we are releasing a song written by the composer for the film, Rebecca Mayes, complete with music video. Rebecca is an astonishingly talented musician, you can find out more at her website.  The song is called ‘Turn the Lights Out’ and we want clips of YOU turning out the lights. Any lights. It can be creative/unusual ways of turning lights out, or just plain looking into camera and turning lights out. You can do it alone or with your Transition community (preferably both!) Five second clips maximum. It can be filmed on your phone, digital camera, whatever. As high quality as possible but everything is welcome. Once the clip is filmed please upload it to YouTube (either privately or publicly) and send the link to Rebecca at audiogamer(at), before February 19th.  This is a creative, community project and we’d like as many of you in the video as possible.  If you have any questions, do post them below.  The song will be released as a single, but here is a short clip of it as a taster…

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