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28 Jul 2011

The Oil Game

Tom Harper is a young guy who is involved with Transition Norwich, and who, inspired by some of the early games that were developed for the Transition Tales work done with school students in Totnes, has developed his own versions, and made this short film.  He is happy to come and run the game in schools elsewhere too.

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Judith N
20 Aug 7:37pm

Brilliant! I wonder what were the most ‘out-of-the box’ ideas that these kids came up with…?

9 Sep 1:31pm

How can we obtain a copy of the game for our transition group in Maine, USA?

Tom Harper
16 Sep 3:47pm

If you go to the post 9th of september on Rob’s blog you can download the workbook for free click on ‘here’

Chris Rowland
17 Sep 11:49am

How can I contact Tom Harper and get a copy of the work book? OVESCO is working on projects to get schools fitted with renewables (PV) in Lewes and would like to use the work book at these schools.

Sabrina Deiacobis
19 Sep 8:44pm

I’ve tryed to download the free pdf workbook (I work as a volunteer in a primary school and I’d like to see if can plan something with it) but I haven’t been able (it says that the web page is expired) Can you help me? Many thanks