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13 Jun 2011

‘In Transition 2.0′. A third update from Emma Goude…

There’s so many suggestions in the mix and so much to keep in my head it’s hard to get a sense of where we are.  We don’t have a clear flowing way forward – just lots of ideas to keep track of.  It’s a bit like Transition before the Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP): a beautiful chaos of energy, excitement and a lot of faith that something beautiful will come out of all this.  So I sifted through all the documents and created an old skool notice board – an old corkboard with coloured card, stickers and drawing pins.  Seeing it visually has brought it alive and it’s naturally creating the structure for the film.  Phew!

We didn’t get any interest from the distribution company we approached to see if they could sell In Transition 1.0 to any channels around the world.  That means if the international contributors are going to get reimbursed for their time on this one we need to find a way of paying them.  We’d like to explore the possibility of crowd funding but no-one has responded to my call for help on that.  If anyone has any skills in fund raising for this kind of thing then we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve had a meeting with Catrina Pickering who is Transition Network’s Diversity and Equality champion.  She’s an honorary 4th research team member!  She’s contacting lots of Initiatives and forwarding emails that have responded to her call out on her blog.  My favourite so far is a First Nation group in Canada who are combining their ancient and sustainable way of life with modern technology.

Keep these suggestions coming in! This film really needs to show the global scale of the problems that Transition is addressing at the local level.  We’d like to see how an indigenous Transition Initiative, who is affected directly by climate change NOW, or living on land that’s been dramatically changed as a result of the current global economic system uses the Transition model. What does Transition look like for them?  Or from communities who don’t have much financial wealth who are using the model to learn to live well and meet their needs at the same time as increasing their resilience.

We want to see how re-creating community highlights all of our fears and prejudices which has kept us all apart for so long – class society, caste systems, apartheid, colonialism – and how Transitioners are overcoming these.  Not by being politically correct but by being honest and learning to accept each other.

So far we’ve asked for ideas for the early stages of Transition.  Now we’re ready to hear from more mature Initiatives.  We want stories of how you’ve got your local council involved.  We want to know how you’ve got young people involved – not by putting on an event for them but by appealing to them so successfully that they’re organising their own projects.  We want to hear some oral histories from your elders who can share their valuable experience in exchange for feeling valued again.

We want to hear how your Transition is telling a new story.  A story in which we’re all heroes because we’re not afraid to feel the fear, anger, despair and grief for all that is going on and find or fake the courage to step forward to defeat all that’s wrong in our precious world and make it right again.

This film is going to be amazing!

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