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10 Jan 2011

Your help needed with naming the sequel to ‘Transition Handbook’

Fevered work is going on creating the sequel to ‘The Transition Handbook’, and I need your help (again).  It will be such a distinctly different (i.e. completely rewritten) book to the Handbook that we decided not to call it ‘Transition Handbook 2′, but to go for a distinctive new title.  About two-thirds of it will be the ‘ingredients’ of Transition, as well as a number of practical tools, and lots of case studies of Transition in action.  It will be a larger format book, with lots of photos and quotes, and (sshhh…) probably printed in full colour.  The first third will be about peak oil, climate change, economics, resilience, localisation, the Transition vision of the future, in other words a framing of Transition, as well as how to use the ‘ingredients’.  It will be rich with practical stories and experience, but what should it be called?

My working title for a while was ‘Making Transition Happen: recipes for resilience’, and more recently has been ‘The Big Book of Transition’, but with a publication date in September, we need to already be designing the book’s cover, hard to do when you don’t have a title.  So we’d like to ask for your thoughts… what do you think it should be called?  It needs to be something that appeals beyond the movement, that uses little in the way of jargon, but which also captures a sense of something dynamic and of significance underway around people.  If we choose your title, we’ll credit you in the final book and also send you a copy.  Can’t say fairer than that… please post your ideas as comments, and thanks for giving this some thought (I have thought about little else for weeks, to little effect clearly….).

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10 Jan 4:33pm

‘Transition Vision’
‘Transition in Action’
‘Transition – nuts and bolts’
I think you have all the words. Personally I like the first one best as it follows the KISS principle and has an element of intrigue that could draw people with curious minds in.

Finn Jensen
10 Jan 4:35pm

How about something like “the transition to a sustainable future – the ‘how-to-do-it handbook”?

10 Jan 4:44pm

Transition Patterns
Pattern for the Future
Transition: Pattern for Rebuilding Communities

Glenn Saunders
10 Jan 4:46pm

“The Deep Transition Handbook.”

Sorry, someone had to do it.

Simon Robinson
10 Jan 4:53pm

The Transition Cookbook

John Marshall
10 Jan 4:55pm

‘Mixing a Resilient Transition’

10 Jan 4:59pm

Doing Transition

or to work with the existing series of guides:

Transition Towns – how to make transition happen in your area

Dominic Sutton
10 Jan 5:00pm

“Transition, Resilience & Post-Oil Living”

“Transition” is still not widely understood outside the small group of people doing it (i.e preaching to the converted)

“Resilience” is probably as important as transition in describing the aims.

“Post-Oil” brings in terms that a lot more people will understand and is perhaps preferable to “Peak” as it emphasises a way of doing things without oil at the centre.

You could then add a subtitle using most of the other terms you mention, something like:
“localisation, climate change, economics & the Transition vision of the future”

Good luck with your quest.

christian Araud
10 Jan 5:05pm

Transition: The Effective Alternative to Collapse

10 Jan 5:09pm

“into transition”
“transition 2.0″. 😉

10 Jan 5:15pm

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Its title, however is a different story . . .

How about:
‘Life Beyond Oil: A Handbook for 21st Century Communities’
‘The Bumper Guide to Transition’
‘Building Community: Recipes Without Oil’
‘Solutions for Living: 21st Century Ingredients for Local Communities’

On a related point, Transition Town Worthing has several Transition-related original cartoons you may want to consider for the new book. They may even provide inspiration for a title . . .

Miguel Leal
10 Jan 5:28pm

I do like your first title, but “recipes” might be a little less effective as a title… an equivalent option could be : ‘Making Transition Happen: pathways for resilience’…
I totally applaud the practical stories and experience component of the new book. It will be absolutely fundamental. Not only experiments that worked, but also some that didn’t work. Something like “Lessons learnt”. One small request: please include a few examples outside of the UK and Anglo-Saxon world, where probably the Transition movement will grow the most in years to come…
Miguel Leal
Paredes em Transição

Tim Ponton
10 Jan 5:32pm

Keep it simple: ”Transition Future”

Pierre Houben
10 Jan 5:32pm

Hi! Pierre from Italy, Ferrara.
I have a title that I always use as a “second” title of Transition Handbook: Resources for Transition.
I like it because a resource… sound more something I can act on and with, and develop and play with.

John F
10 Jan 5:45pm

“Transition in Practice: Facing Up to Life After Oil”

Trish Knox
10 Jan 5:48pm

I’ve been thinking about Transition Transfusion and how Mother Earth is like a heart and community by community we are reviving Her. She has had blocked arteries/valves and through the resilient energy, vision and action of Transition we are opening up Her channels for new systems of intelligence of hear/mind/hands.

Maybe Transition First Aid — Reviving our Planet Community by Community

Perhaps these thoughts can add to the brainstorming…I may have more ideas later.

En-joy today.

Steve Bowman
10 Jan 6:11pm

Suggested title “Transition in Action”

10 Jan 6:14pm

whatever it is, make it sound positive and simple.
Lots of great ideas above.

10 Jan 6:31pm

How about The Transition Process: recipes for resilience.

And a note on quality control: My copy of Totnes EDAP’s pages are starting to come out of the binding already! The construction of the other Transition books I’ve seen seem sturdier. Hopefully the new book will hold together.

Debbie bourne
10 Jan 6:33pm

The ‘T’ factor

norberto rodriguez
10 Jan 6:45pm

2 options:

Pattern to Resilient Living

Pathway to Resilient Livelihood

i think the title need to emphasize the goal of “transition”, or why do we need to make a transition? And of course, present practical cases, enough with the theory!


10 Jan 6:48pm

I suggest”No day But Today”

10 Jan 7:14pm

Please forgive a non-native English speaker for any dumb phrases…

I like the word ‘Guide’, it has something comforting about it :-)

The Transition Guide to Lighter Living
The Ultimate Guide for Sustainable Solutions

Luis Valle
10 Jan 7:40pm

“Transition & You”

10 Jan 8:16pm

“World in Transition”
Practical Guide to Positive Vision.

Would like to join Miguel in request for broader scope of examples, to take this out of Anglo-Saxon arena onto the world stage!
Ready and willing to help with translation and publishing in Russian.

Daniel OLEV
Transition Austria

10 Jan 8:54pm

Transition Now: patterns worldwide

10 Jan 8:55pm

Transition Living

or Living Transition

Robin Chalmers
10 Jan 9:00pm

“Transition: the pathway to sustainability and resilience”

we are proposing to use these terms to avoid firing up deniers of climate change

Jo Homan
10 Jan 9:28pm

I like ‘recipes for resilience’. Good old alliteration and easy to understand. Think the move away from patterns is wise – too abstract.
I think the Big Book of Transition sounds fun but doesn’t tell us anything. For some reason it makes me think of the Bumper Book of Jokes or something like that.

Into Transition: recipes for resilience
Transitioning with Style: recipes for resilience
Transition Pathways: recipes for resilience
Our Abundant Future: transitioning towards resilience
Transition in the Mix
Time to Transition …

Arghh, brain scramble.

Reckon “Into Transition: recipes for resilience” works the best and a good cover designer will be able to do a lot with minimal text. Especially the word “INTO”. I think “into transition” is much more suggestive, dynamic and powerful than “making transition happen”, which is a bit clunky.

Good luck with this, I’m sure it will be great.

kate murry
10 Jan 9:54pm

lots of good stuff already posted, but thinking along the lines of peak everything and also liking the idea of patterns for change rather than linear approach how about….?

Transition patterns : a post peak survival guide for planet earth

Marcin Gerwin
10 Jan 10:08pm

Oh, my, so many ideas :) How about simply: “Ingredients of Transition”?

Elizabeth James
10 Jan 10:29pm

Transition 2: The Return of the Killer Transition

Transition Redox

Transition 2: cleaner, greener, smarter, brighter

(Sorry, it had to be done)

Elizabeth James
10 Jan 10:33pm

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the house….

Transition Returns..

(OK, will stop now)

David Norman
10 Jan 10:46pm

Here are a few suggestions:
Making transition stick
Resilient transition
Permant transition
Transition; a permanent state

10 Jan 10:50pm

Thank you all, keep ’em coming… ! Just to say though, as lots of people have already mentioned it, ‘Transition in Action’ is already taken, as it was the title of the Totnes EDAP…..

Mark Forskitt
10 Jan 11:44pm

So it is loads of ingredients, less oil, and communal. Sound like the low carb community cookbook.

Floris mokveld
10 Jan 11:59pm

I would go for the title. “in Transition”. I loved the DVD and it shows the movement, the energy. The subtitle from the original book is still very strong, although a reference to the independent generation that we are, would be a nice one:. “from oil-depending to resilient communities”

Tom Robertson
11 Jan 12:02am

How about:

“The Transition Community Guidebook: For everyone from individuals to nations around the world”

Kate David
11 Jan 2:10am

Transition’s re-Visions: Pattern Ingredients 2.0

Leslee Lewis
11 Jan 2:49am

A Bridge to the Future: The Transition Path to Life After Oil

Jonathan Hughes
11 Jan 2:56am

“Now What?”

Harry Leyland
11 Jan 10:11am

The Transition Guidebook

(Mr) Jan I Sander
11 Jan 10:17am

Borrowing from the very successful Open Source software community I suggest: “TRANSITION HOWTO”.

Charlotte Du Cann
11 Jan 10:38am

Playing around with nouns (catalog/workbook/manual/(rough!)guide/A-Z/enccyclopedia)

adjectives (essential/future/complete/whole)

and working with A Pattern Language(oh,and the Transition house colour)

I came up with this:

how communities everywhere can redesign themselves
for a low-carbon future

Gives the idea the book provides the guiding structure (skeleton) while people/places/
initiatives bring Transition into being (flesh it out).

(Not sure about that body image thing but I think the concept might work!)

Jo Homan
11 Jan 12:03pm

I also like “low carb community cookbook”

Chris Rowland
11 Jan 12:45pm

OVESCo would be very happy to contribute information on community power generation. This should be a very exciting year for OVESCo as we have almost certainly secured some funding to develop community share issues to support projects to generate decentralised power generation in the Lewes District/Sussex region and we want to share skills. We also have some histroy of work done over the past three years such as the TTL Energy Saving Open House Weeekends and Lewes Energy Fairs as well as information on the microgeneration grant scheme OVESCo ran from 2007-2011. Please get in touch.

Book title?

Transformation – seeding ideas and watching them grow

11 Jan 1:24pm

“The Survival Handbook
Cookbook for a new Era”

“Breaking the chains
How to cut loose from oil addiction”

Harriet Stewart-Jones
11 Jan 2:07pm

Definitely in favour of “The Transition Handbook 2: recipes for resilience”

Justin Kenrick
11 Jan 2:19pm


Erin Beasley
11 Jan 5:48pm

Living After 2012

David Lyons
11 Jan 9:14pm

My proposed name for the new transition handbook:

‘Easing the future: how to take the transition route to a safe and secure future with climate change and peak oil’

Eric Leach
11 Jan 10:47pm

Lots of great suggestions so far:

Here are my few pennies:


12 Jan 12:01am

Transition in Action. what else?

Patrick Troup
12 Jan 2:40am

The Inquisition of Transition

Transition: An Inquisition

The Peanut Butter and Jelly of Resilence

12 Jan 5:21am

The Art of Transition: A guide to better, stronger communities in a world that’s outgrown cheap oil.
The Art of Transition: A guide to better, stronger communities in a world without cheap oil.

Martin Tepper
12 Jan 8:29am

Transition 2: The Revenge
Transition Forever
The Transitioner’s Guide to the future

…but seriously…

For a better future
Building a better future
The road to Transition
The Transition Companion

Gary Alexander
12 Jan 1:08pm

What about:
How to Transition:
Ingredients of a successful Transition Group

12 Jan 5:31pm

Making the Transition
~From Oil Dependence to Resilience~

12 Jan 5:34pm

… or “to local resilience” like on the handbook

John Macdonald
12 Jan 5:48pm

Personally I like just



(or you’re fucked)

might be a valid subtext…

12 Jan 7:15pm

I like the idea of something with a positive spin, e.g., “How Global Warming Will Make Us Better: The New Transition Handbook”

12 Jan 10:30pm

To bad this one is already taken:
Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook: Recipes for Changing Times by Albert Bates

but maybe

The Transition Toolbox: Building resilience from local ingredients

The Transition Toolkit: Ingredients for local resilience

John Macdonald
12 Jan 11:42pm

On second thoughts perhaps…


13 Jan 6:58am

Boy lot’s of great ideas for titles!

I was falling a sleep and thinking about this and heres what came to me…..


Hinting to the human solution built/created with our hands & heart.

But if you want a larger title maybe….


Have Fun and looking so forwards to reading it!


13 Jan 7:02am

Boy lot’s of great ideas for titles!

I was falling a sleep and thinking about this and heres what came to me…..


Hinting to the human solution built/created with our hands & heart.

But if you want a larger title maybe….


Have Fun and looking so forwards to reading it!


13 Jan 7:59am

“How you and your neighbours can become fully fledged Trannies”

However I do like “The big book of Transition” with perhaps: …recipes for a cultural renaissance

One thing I’ve noticed is how Transition is not just an environmental strategy/concept so the title should inform this. Besides that resilience has been done to death. So done to death I hope the word resilience has its own resilience :)

Paula Kovacs
13 Jan 10:55am

I loved The ‘T’ factor, so what about Transition Rocks! ?. No, but seriously, how’s about ‘Transition – The story continues’

13 Jan 12:26pm


demonstrates the active and practical aspects of your vision and what is contained in the ‘second’ book.

Sub editors would however maybe have comments about the gerund?/ grammar / style…

Mark Jefferys
13 Jan 3:51pm

a few thoughts have come to mind…

Transition to a new future
Future Transition

The Transition Pathway

A pathway to Transition

Transition….happening Now!

good luck with it all (not a title!!)

13 Jan 3:57pm

A World in Transition:
From Global Dreams to Local Realities

Note: “dreams” refers both to the impossibility of business as usual and to the possibility of a global transition. “Local realities” are the local cases that support the arguments and points to possibilities and benefits of localisation

Shaun Bartone
13 Jan 6:43pm

Transition Culture.

Shane Hughes
13 Jan 10:37pm

I also like;

“The Transition Handbook 2: recipes for resilience”

transition handbook = linked to past success
recipes for resilience = linked to next evolution

matthew thomson
14 Jan 6:22am

Realise Resilience

Channelling Change for Future Communities

Doing more together with less

How to survive successfully

Making the change – Hoaw and Why to Trans-form your community

Can’twaittil it’s out – (that’s not a title :)

Steve Marsden
14 Jan 1:21pm

I’m with Paula – I’m liking the idea of Transition as a story. That’s what Transition is really, a narrative that unfolds in different forms in each community. So perhaps “Stories of Transition: growing community resilience”?

Also, “Pattern language” implies communication and narrative, but the term “pattern” has little meaning on its own. To preserve a sense of Transition as a narrative, perhaps “patterns” could be referred to as “stories” and the whole set as an “anthology”?

Patrick Whitefield
14 Jan 6:53pm

The Big Guide to Transition
or Transition, the Big Guide

Transition in Action would be a second choice

Albert Bates
14 Jan 8:30pm

Transition Deux: Revenge of the Cheerful Disclaimer

Andy Norris
14 Jan 8:48pm

How about ‘The Reclaimed Future’

Lara Cifre
15 Jan 12:34pm

“Transition in action” I can not find anything better!

Graham Burnett
15 Jan 7:30pm

‘Transition 2: This Time its Resilience’

15 Jan 10:31pm

I had some ideas till I read one above that I LOVE:

how communities everywhere can redesign themselves
for a low-carbon future

Or subtitle: How local communities redesign for a low-impact future.

Andrew Ramponi
15 Jan 11:51pm

Always one of the toughest parts, naming a thing. unfortunately I think if it is to appeal beyond those already familiar with Transition the T word is jargon so can’t be used.

There is clearly a food theme in many of the suggestions. “Recipes for Resilience” is a good by line….”Cooking the Future”… maybe too much of a pun.

Another similar theme might be along the lines of “Good Housekeeping” so “Good Earth keeping”. Too clumsy.

Don’t know. good luck!

Bryce Ruddock
16 Jan 12:50am

Quite simply just call it either The Transition Process or The Process of Transition. Either will work and there’s no need for embellishment.

16 Jan 9:23am

Transition to Resilience
(How to grow hope for the future in your community)

Resilience is Fruitful.
(How we can get along… without oil)

The Everyday Guide to Local Resilience.

The Transition Cookbook;
(Includes great recipes that don’t depend on oil)

Tom Latter
16 Jan 11:14am

‘The Transition Imperative – making it happen’
‘Transition for our Children’
‘Why ‘Transition’?’
‘The Business of Transition’

16 Jan 5:34pm

So are you sorry you asked yet? :-)

How about…

“I’m Rubber…”

a reference to a childhood chant, but it might make a good mantra.

My only real recommendation; short. Subtitle explanations are totally not necessary, and will actually lose you some potential audience, I think; they smack of smarty-pants.

Or start a line:

“bTransition Handbook” then the next can be “cTransition Handbook”, the first one being, per se, the “a”.

Staying with a winner is not a bad marketing strategy.

16 Jan 7:52pm

I commented already but it doesn’t seem to have appeared so maybe lost in spam?

Making the Transition
~ Creating Local Resilience ~

16 Jan 9:14pm


16 Jan 10:07pm

What a wave of ideas you’ve inspired Rob..I do like these so far…

The Transition Toolbox: Building resilience from local ingredients

The Transition Toolkit: Ingredients for local resilience

My suggestions aren’t too dissimilar…

Tools of [or for?] the Trade – How to craft lasting community resilience


Tools for the Transition – How to create [or craft or build] lasting community resilience

The Transition Toolkit – Tried and tested solutions for real community resilience

The Transition Toolkit – How to help you and your community become more resilient

With all kinds of jobs, skills and trades needed for all [and as oil free as possible] so paramount to our success of creating resilience a title that alludes to practical, hands on “can do” action that feels really possible would certainly create wider appeal and action on the ground

Best wishes deciding!!

Erik Buitenhuis
16 Jan 10:44pm

Transition patterns for one planet living
From oil dependence to local resilience

16 Jan 10:54pm

Transition 2.0: Embedding Change

Carl Gunther
17 Jan 2:26am

Transition in Action: Building Resilient Communities for the Climate and Energy Challenges Ahead

Liza Neil
17 Jan 9:05am

How about “Transition-ing” to indicate the idea that we are doing it now!

Cristiano Bottone
17 Jan 10:15am

“Transition in Action” very simple and tells everything, then you can add a subtitle to explain more, but please do not use the word “recipes” (very misleading and dangerous).

Paula Kovacs
17 Jan 10:26am

I liked Andi Norris’ ‘The Reclaimed Future’. I would change that slightly to
‘RECLAIMING THE FUTURE’- The Transition story continues

Ann Algie
17 Jan 11:26am

Hi Rob,

A few ideas – with the idea of trying to connect with people beyond the converted:

Seeds of Transition: How communities can learn to live with less oil and enjoy it!

Future Lives: There are alternative ways to live!

Achievable steps to change: A transition approach to life!

Love the change!: How the Transition approach can reshape communities.

Be the change! : A new approach to life beyond oil.

Big Society: This is what it means and how its done!

All the best with choosing!


John Macdonald
17 Jan 2:55pm

Found myself thinking about this again today…. So… Please forgive my list…

Trans Fat – (the really big one…)
Trans sexual? (sex sells though right? Just put pert breasts on the cover!…)
Transcendental – The teeth of resilience!!!
Transparent (The Mother Book)
Transcript (the tome of transition)
Transfigured (working it out)or(adding it up)
Transfixed (V.2 – the bug free edition)
Transform (follows function)
Transplant (Heavy ideas = Heavy book)
Transmitten (In Love with all of it… x)
Transister (the sibling of the handbook) or Transistor (amplified handbook turned on..)
Just Transit (man..) Translatent… Waiting to flower …
Transylvania help (stop sucking old blood – just plant trees)
Transport (Fine Ideas aged in the best barrels)
‘Trans-am’ pm… The end of oil muscle …
Transect and the cult of the nut tree (The secret squirrels guide to planting acorns)

And the problem with this process it seems is that it goes off the rails… some micro ideas then…
Transfer (resilience recopies featuring the hairy (push)bikers)… a chapter on cooking?, or not being a thoroughly modern woman anymore due to fewer disposable razors?
if you called it ‘Transmission’ then the contents page could be called ‘Transmission Control Protocol’… thus winning extra bonus geeky points!
Transplant (a bit on tree planting from proceeds like in Bill Mollisons designers handbook.. Through Tagari etc.)
The final chapter could be called… Trans(c)end (with the copyright c)but that’s perhaps the opposite of the ethic… Maybe the c could have a line through it to imply no copyright etc.. to the whole idea…
lost… J

John Macdonald
17 Jan 3:03pm

Transverse – The poetry of transition..

(Ooo… I could see that someday!… So forgive me please but here is a poem of mine!… if such a book is made, praps it might find its way in… you can have all the rights etc etc…)

Change For Dinner

Canapés were constructed from timber
Allowing entrées of coal, oil and gas
Leading to Mammoth heaps of cooked cinders
From every kind of conceivable mass.
The result of this main course is desert
Which appears when we clear the plates
Having licked them so clean they are inert
We advance to new portions which await.
And yet yeast offers proof in the kitchen
That our ‘bread’ will not rise when its cooked!
Raw materials frozen in fiction
Seldom ever taste as good as they looked…
On and on, baking ‘sustainable growth’?
How many cooks? And who’s using their loaf???

kitty de bruin
17 Jan 4:36pm

Transition now for a better future
Transition Mouvement

Charlotte Du Cann
17 Jan 5:12pm

Did anyone suggest


yet? (the blue pages)

17 Jan 6:52pm

I like THE TRANSITION BLUEPRINT or THE TRANSITION TOOLKIT but I really like the very straightforward THE TRANSITION PROCESS. What could make more sense than that? Transition in Action being taken (by the Totnes EDAP) and please, I agree with Cristiano, no “recipes”.

Shane Hughes
18 Jan 4:37pm


Carl Gunther
18 Jan 8:31pm

This book will have a much wider audience than the Totnes EDAP, and so I don’t think that any confusion will result in re-using the title “Transition in Action” for this book. Totnes was the first strong example of “Transition in Action,” and now that the model has been replicated widely enough to merit a book on the topic, it makes perfect sense to refer back to that pioneering example of the transition process.

John Taylor
19 Jan 10:30am

Not sure about a main title but how about (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Peak Oil) as a subtitle a la Dr Strangelove?

Hannes Desmet
19 Jan 1:07pm

I think I have got a good one:

Everybody seems to like the word transition. But why not “think outside of that box”.

Let’s put the emphasis on Future, Future vision, a bright future. It must be about “future” and it must be” positive”. “No time to waste” is, for example, not the way to go.

If we want to find a second key word, it should say something about the ecological ànd economical ànd cultural aspect. So in essence it’s about us, the people, man, the human species.

It should also be something universal. Something that everybody immediately understands.

In correspondence with the above my proposition is:


Maybe with a subtitle like “a new vision of…” or something else.

p.s. sorry for my vocabulary and writing I’m from Belgium and not used to writing in English.

Janet Down
20 Jan 12:06pm

THE TRANSITION FOOTBOOK: Feet-on-the-ground ideas for a sustainable future

Paul Alberts
20 Jan 9:46pm

[The] Community Resilience Cookbook
[The] Neighborhood Resilience Cookbook
Building Healthy Local Economies.

Rather than a free book please (send folks to) conduct a Transition workshop with the 16-18 year-olds in my county. [I’ll help underwrite]

We will get much more traction in some circles if we: 1) downplay the climate word (yes, I know) and speak more of the immediate localized effects of pollution [although fair trade / remote exploitation is a worthy cause] and 2) cast peak oil more as increasingly costly energy/fuels reducing arguments with the prejudiced.

21 Jan 3:27pm

“How to Build Your Own Transition Network
[…if we don’t, who will…]

Paul Alberts, are you from a county in central Minnesota? Because I know exactly what you are saying. My wife and I are starting a study group and trying to start a [resiliency] movement here, and if talk turns to:

“Climate Change” the response is “There’s no proof: The climate would be changing even if humans weren’t here”.

“Peak Oil” the response is angry and dismissive “that’s just something the media made up” or “oil is a gift from God, and if that is running out, He’ll provide us with an alternative when we need it… He’ll take care of us.” among other crazy talk.

But if we speak to the issue as:
“Being less affected by the high cost of oil”, everybody wants in.

If we talk about “keeping more money, jobs, goods and services in our own communities” mostly everybody, except for the families of truck-drivers agree.

So we try to focus on “Building stronger, more resilient communities”, “being less wasteful”, “taking care of what we have to pass on to our children”.

Slowly, after becoming more informed, people start to realize that it is serious, and that we can’t always be careful about not scaring people.

We have to keep doing what we’re doing… and get more people doing it.

Take care,

21 Jan 4:48pm

I disagree that a new title is needed. From your description it sounds very much like the new book will also be a handbook and in some ways sounds like a natural progression from the first book. If that’s the case then I would suggest keeping the name and the strapline. After all it’s not like the issues of oil dependence and local resilience are now old news. Until that changes, why should the name?

So my suggestion:

The “All New” Transition Handbook – continuing the journey from oil dependence to local resilience

or, if “Handbook” is to be dropped:

Guide to Transition – resilience in a peak oil world.

Paul Alberts
21 Jan 4:52pm

Thanks for your reply Thomas. I’m not in Minnesota but I know good people in several other regions who will be opposed to certain phrases but receptive to several of the core concepts if presented tactfully.

Sadly there’s a mean-spirited youtube parody mocking peak-oil deniers [also sadly most comments on it highlight the bone-deep inter-personal ignorance and biases of the gullible commenters] – an excellent way to close-doors, make enemies and perpetuate stereotypes and opposition.

If we want to achieve change then we must focus, tune & publish the message with sensitivity.

21 Jan 6:24pm

Paul, and Thomas – “If we want to achieve change then we must focus, tune & publish the message with sensitivity.”

Well, yes; but. :-)

This is a very dangerous, and complex area. If the “other side” ever gets the idea you are treating them “with sensitivity”, they are highly likely to translate that as; you are being “manipulative” or “sneaky”, or “mealymouthed” or “hypocritical” -etc. Bad bad vibes.

Which does not mean being noisy and confrontational works, either.

I actually founded an organization nearly 30 years ago, which is still thriving and on target; and includes people from all areas of the political spectrum. The annual meetings are mostly warm and fuzzy.

The way I achieved this was to establish a firm culture of “we’re here to do THIS job together: if we talk about politics, we’ll fight, and the job won’t get done; so; we DON’T.”

This organization has a narrow conservation based job to do; but there are plenty of places where politics could intrude. So far; it’s worked to just not allow that.

I’ve been there for conversations between Reagan fanatics and Obama fanatics that run “Look; friend, you know we’re never going to agree about that stuff. We just can’t get into it here. You and I are working side by side, doing good work on something we agree on. Let’s not wreck it.”

It can work. It seems to work best when the policy is clearly stated up front, not hidden.

And, of course, it has the side benefit that people who would loathe each other normally; discover the other person is actually not an evil subhuman; strange friendships develop – and tolerance, even though I’ve never seen minds change.

The hardest part comes when you have a “true believer” in the crowd, who firmly believes it’s their moral duty to make everyone else see the light. Their light, of course. Someone has to take them aside, and really let them know, they can’t proselytize here. It’s not fun- but the whole group will give a sigh of relief when they finally quiet down.

This kind of thing needs to be actively stated and managed. You can’t just hope it will happen.

Jane Buttigieg
21 Jan 8:07pm

The Great Descent: A low energy future and how to get there.

David Allen
22 Jan 5:50pm

I know you don’t want to call it this, but I really, really like The Transition Handbook 2.0

It does what it says on the tin.

It’s the second edition of The Transition Handbook (albeit a very different one), and the colaborative way that it’s been written seems very Web 2.0.

It seems like we’re scrabbling around for new ways to say the same thing, some of which are good, but for me, none have the simplicity and obviousness of The Transition Handbook.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, even if it is going into a grey water recycling system.

23 Jan 1:58am

The Transition Handbook – How to Transition your community off oil

I think a link needs to be made to the original book. The history and evolution of the transition movement is being documented through The Transition Handbook.

The word Transition needs to be in the title as that is what the whole movement is and identified by. Transition needs be promoted and be consistent so there is a hook for people looking for information on the movement.

The word handbook is a good word that tells the reader the book is fully of useful and practical information on Transition. It is a doing book.

How to Transition your community off oil – the ultimate aim of the Transition Movement?

Keep up the excellent work.

Katy Fox
23 Jan 6:46pm

Building Our Communities of Tomorrow: Embracing Low-Impact and Post-Oil Living


Building Tomorrow’s Resilient Communities: Embracing Low-Impact and Post-Oil Living

[Or some kind of subtitle after the colon to the effect of ‘transition goes forth’ if you wish to include it in the title.]


Shaping Our Common Future…

24 Jan 12:05pm

The Way Back Home

Jo Homan
24 Jan 2:22pm

come on Rob, you must have decided by now! My inbox is bursting …

24 Jan 3:13pm

What, Jo, you want me to actually decide?! Green Books and I have yet to agree, the discussions and debates are rumbling on, and there are still good ideas coming in…. so I’ll leave it open for a while longer, with apologies to your inbox…!

Paul Eagle
24 Jan 6:34pm

The Transition Sourcebook
Resources for Transition
The Transition Resource Book
Transition Lifeways
Transition Today
Transitioning to a Better Future
Patterns of Permanence
In Our Hands
Communities in Transition

elle green
24 Jan 9:53pm

I saw another comment endorsing the same name that was an immediate thought when reading the description: it is succinct, descriptive, cogent and reflects taking it to the next step, case studies and examples, from a passive handbook to acting on its contents and the results…


24 Jan 10:28pm

Hand in Hand: Guidelines for the Essential Transition

Vital Changes: Recipes for Decisive, Sustainable Action

Now! Us! Techniques for Building Sustainability Together*

*This is a response to the familiar question: If not now, when? If not us, who?

Dave Moreman
25 Jan 11:40am

How about

“Transition To….?”

(pun intended!)

Cyndie Trewhitt
27 Jan 12:19am

Transition Work in Progress
– moving toward a sustainable future

Cyndie Trewhitt
27 Jan 6:28am


Transition Work in Progress:
Creating Sustainable Culture

Matthew Ling
28 Jan 3:20pm

Greenprints for Transition


Patterns for Transition


Transition – Patterns, Pathways and People

Lauren Ayers
28 Jan 9:30pm

Back to the Future —
Ancient Futures —
Weaving the Web —

All of the above could use this subtitle:
How communities can survive Climate Change and Oil Peak by re-learning what worked before oil coursed through our culture (while keeping all our new technologies that don’t require petrochemicals).

29 Jan 11:32am

Transition Town
-A concept of rebuilding our (local) communities in times/terms of peak oil, climate change, fair share & economic crises/the collapse of our current system (in a globalized world)-
-A manual to rebuild your (local/own) community in terms/times of peak oil, climate change, fair share & economic crises/the collapse of our current system (/in a globalized world)-

I´m making my a-level in Germany in the moment therefore my English is maybe not perfect..

29 Jan 11:38am

Transition in Action
– A concept/manual … –

5 Feb 6:25pm


Leigh Barret
5 Feb 8:12pm

Putting “cookbook” in the title seems misleading for a wider audience. Also, I’m a huge fan of Christopher Alexander, but “pattern” seems to be not widely understood either. After readin all the good suggestions, the ones that stuck with me were :
‘Making Transition Happen: pathways for resilience’…
“Transition 2.0″
and “Transition – Patterns, Pathways and People” (really think it’s a shame that people don’t get ‘patterns’ !)

5 Feb 9:21pm

How about something like:

Foundations for Transition: Building Community resilience while adapting to a Post Oil Future

Matthew Ling
5 Feb 10:31pm

The Sequel – life after transition

Peter Pitts
5 Feb 11:52pm

“Transition Calling Earth” “How You Doing?”

Liz Couture
6 Feb 12:47am

Two ideas:
1) “transition for dummies or “transition 1.2 for dummies”

2) Transition Renaissance II

Josef Davies-Coates
6 Feb 3:48am

I actually quite like ‘Making Transition Happen: recipes for resilience’

But perhaps the other way around?

‘Recipes for Resilience: Making Transition Happen’

Actually, I don’t like the “Making Transition Happen” bit. To me, the world is transitioning to a new state whether we like it or not and whatever we do.

I’m rather fond of “Tools for Change” which is the name I give to my lovingly collated PDF library at

But I guess it kinda would make sense for Transition to be in the title.

So how about:

“Recipes for Resilience: Tools for Transition” ?

However, I can’t help also being mindful of Vinay Gupta’s short article called “Beyond Resilience: Visionary Adaptation” – in that we don’t want the word resilient to just mean the ability to keep things as they are (nor, I might add, what it is thought of in local authorities i.e. resilience to emergency conditions that last no longer than 3 days)

BTW, I’d also like to point out that as far as I’m concerned it was my comment on about changing “patterns” to “recipes” that led to you calling them ingredients in the first place! 😉

Geoff Buckley
6 Feb 4:41am

A vision of the future
The future of communities
The future is local not global
A peak into our future
A better future

Jackson W Barnett
6 Feb 12:36pm

Hearkening back to a “monster hit” of the 60s:

The Whole Transition Sourcebook

Possible subtitles:

– Making Peace With The Earth And Each Other
– Thriving In The Face Of Global Crisis Through Resilient Community
– Crafting Resilient Communities In Response To Global Crises For Fun And Fulfillment
– Surviving Crisis, Building Resilience, Community And A Life Worth Living
– Facing the Future: Humanity Grows Up
– Like To Eat? Build Resilience and Community!
– Community, The Earth And Everything

6 Feb 1:53pm

How to transition your location into a sustainable future.

Don Hall
6 Feb 4:36pm

“TRANSITION 2.0: Patterns for a Post-Carbon World.”

Transition: I feel that the title should refer to the Transition Movement, since this book is specifically about how to start-up and run an successful Transition Initiative.

2.0: This helps connect back to the original Transition Handbook and communicate this is a further evolution of the Transition process.

Patterns: A nod to Christopher Alexander, since his work was the inspiration for this re-writing and “A Pattern Language”‘s basic structure has been used. Also, I don’t believe that people are unable to grasp the concept of patterns. Think of a pattern for knitting or a flight pattern… It’s something that works in the same basic way over and over again.

Post-Carbon: It’s alliterative, forward looking, suggestive of peak oil and climate change without actually having to list them, and also suggests the Post-Carbon Institute, which is probably the second-most important organization in this movement.

World: This could be changed to “society” or “community,” but I think “world” is more expansive-feeling and includes the other two.

Rebecca Sandover
7 Feb 11:47am

HI another idea:

(I think to appeal outside of the Transition Network)

‘Transition Training: Working for Resilience’

I think this suggests ‘how-to’ hints/info and what is already happening in the Transition world.

If you like the ‘Blueprint’ idea- shouldn’t it be ‘Greenprint’?

Best wishes

7 Feb 12:47pm

for broad appeal:
‘transition – tough as old boots’
‘transition – future afloat’
‘transition – buoyant future’

words like resilience and sustainability are over-used and don’t engage the man in the street.

Mark Brown
7 Feb 2:00pm


Scott Sanderson
8 Feb 3:02am

Transition essentials;
– Your one stop guide to all things sustainable.

It should have printed links to enable any new comer to find and reach all local efforts. And to a ‘matrix’ of actions taken by all of them, and the results of their efforts; Successes AND wastes of energy.

Marlon Davis
8 Feb 7:45pm

I also like – “In Transition” – someone mentioned it above.

Rachel Lalchan
9 Feb 9:46pm

Transition Times: Tools for Resilience
Transition Times 2: Tools for Resilience (!)
Transition: A Global Reaction
Transition Stories: How Individuals & Communities Are Reclaiming The Future
Transition Stories: How Individuals & Communities Are Reclaiming Our Future

Best wishes :)

Josef Davies-Coates
10 Feb 2:00pm

I like the Reclaiming Future idea.

How about:

Transition: How Individuals and Communities are Reclaiming Our Future.

With a sub-subtitle something like: Tools for Resilience, Stories of Change.

10 Feb 2:12pm

Dear All… I am going to draw this thread to a close now, thank you all so much for your comments, and for all your inspired ideas. We have now settled on a title, which I can here unveil as ‘The Transition Companion: making your community more resilient in uncertain times”. My deep gratitude to Martin Tepper for suggesting the first part of this. More information on the book will follow, it is going very well, and on schedule (due out early September)… thanks again everyone.

Dennis Tomlin
10 Feb 3:09pm

Awakening Earth – GREENPRINT for survival

(references back to Peter Russell ‘Gaia Awakes also ECOLOGY magazine’s opus, which shows my age!)

However, I still prefer, but lets get some joy in it

How cheerful changes can create lively communities
From Doom and Gloom to Get up and Go

Lara Cifre
19 Feb 10:19pm

The art of resiliense. Life in a happier world

Mark Sewell
24 Feb 9:15am


Jackie Trimble Shapiro
29 Mar 2:26am

Transitioning From Oil Dependence to Community Resilience

Shelley Tegart
11 May 11:16pm

Transition from globalization to regionalism : how to exceed at living in a local economy.

Make it mainstream, capture a lager audience by telling them exact what you are trying to do. There are a lot of people who do not know what Transition is all about, but are trying to live within their communities. I remember when I was a geography student and tried to learn the meaning of regionalism I think you have finally helped me to define it.