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22 Dec 2010

Signing off for Christmas…

Right, that’s me done for 2010.  Time to roast some chestnuts and hang up my laptop, switch off the phone and play Monopoly with the kids.  It has, once again, been my inestimable pleasure to have shared the various goings on on this website with you over the year.  Many thanks for all your contributions and ideas and I look forward to seeing you next year to continue this fascinating exploration together.  Have a great festive season….

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Alejandro Ahumada
22 Dec 5:50pm

Have fun!

22 Dec 5:59pm

You play Monopoly with your kids? Presumably a local Totnes special edition? :)

22 Dec 6:04pm

Thank you for all your work and play on this. Provocative, engaging and THE most encouraging and hopeful item of my year. Happy Holidays and Blessings to All!

Chris Rowland
22 Dec 7:02pm

Happy Christams Rob

David Lyons
22 Dec 9:23pm

Rob – have a good one!
Thanks for your energy and inspiration over the year – you have certainly perked me up when I was getting despondent…and given me some good ideas. Here is to 2011…and increased local resilience and community spirit.

Jo Homan
23 Dec 10:29am

Have a wonderful break and keep up the good work.

Jedi Warrior
23 Dec 12:42pm

Snow, ice, wind n rain permitting, have a great break.

23 Dec 3:33pm

A Totnes edition of Monopoly… now there’s an idea…thanks all…

23 Dec 7:25pm

we have it
its called the Quest to 2030
and its great fun :)

kate murry
28 Dec 5:55pm

Tell us more about Quest to 2030. having just been the victor in a game of monopoly with my family
( yet again) I am increasingly uncomfortable with the cut throat capitalist qualities it brings out. Never mind a Totnes version of Monopoly -it’s time someone came up with In Transition- the game- is that sort of what Quest is?

3 Jan 10:13pm

Hi Kate
It’s like an early pre transition visioning game – its interactive and cooperative
and I hope to make it generally available soon
on the transition tales website