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3 Dec 2010

The UK Crash Course… now available free to all UK Transition initiatives…

Chris Martenson traveled to the UK for a series of talks and meetings earlier this year.  While he was here we asked him whether he might be up for doing a new version of his famous Crash Course, but tailoring it for a specifically UK audience.  We also asked him to make it shorter than the over 3 hour Crash Course, as we felt that would be more useful for Transition initiatives.

As a result, a 45-minute UK version of the Crash Course has been produced and is now available free online. Spliced into 6 parts, the 45 min UK version can be viewed on Youtube and part 1 is below.

Thanks to some generous sponsorship (Thanks Matt!), we are able to offer a limited number of copies free, one each to every official UK Transition initiative. You only need to pay £2 for post and packaging. Not bad eh?

Order yours by clicking below. Please include the name of your initiative along with your order so we don’t get confused.

Seasons Greetings from the Transition Network!  If you are not an initiative and would still like a copy, they can be ordered online here for only USD$10.

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4 Dec 12:01am

Eila, this is unfair… what about Italy Transition Initiatives??
Cristiano, do something please!

Harriet Stewart-Jones
5 Dec 10:48am

What size envelope please?

Mike Grenville
7 Dec 12:44pm

Instead of sending an SAE Official initiatives can pay P&P here with PayPal

Steve Last
8 Dec 12:07pm

I’ve just ordered one for Transition Town Worthing. Sorry I forgot to put the name of our initiative on the order!

Ruth Wallsgrove
10 Dec 12:56pm

And I have just done the same for Transition Leamington – sorry! Kept thinking something would ask me, but I can see PayPal wouldn’t know to prompt.