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14 Mar 2006

New arrivals and the birthing of a new culture…

Also my dear friend Matthieu and his wife Silvia have just produced their daughter, Charlotte Maria-Chiara (see below left) on March 2nd. Finally Aaron who runs [PoweringDown](”PD”) and his wife just gave birth to a daughter, Keaton Phoenix. I remember from the birth of each of mine what a magical and wonder-filled time the birth of a child is. I try to hold that feeling in mind when I am thinking about the feeling we need to be helping people to feel about the emergence of this new energy descent culture we are endeavouring to birth.

Categories: The 'Heart' of Energy Descent

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Jennifer Hartley
14 Mar 5:51pm

I have been reading your blog with avid interest. Thank you for addressing the many facets of energy descent and their implications. This post about babies made me cry, because it is so hopeful and I want so badly to tap into that hope. I have been struggling with the decision to have a child in the face of great trepidation about the state of the world, and have finally decided to go ahead and do it. The decision is not free of fear, but it feels right. Nothing motivates me more to change current circumstances than the thought of my future baby, and all the babies who are putting their trust in us. They deserve a sustainable, sane, healthy world. Thank you, Rob, for working on what I consider the most essential work of our time. You provide inspiration and hope in a time of grief and fear.