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13 Feb 2006

Kinsale Action Plan – sending up shoots around the world…

A group in Edinburgh called [Portobello Energy Descent and Land Reform (PEDAL)](”PEDAL”) are attempting to build an urban eco-village on a site they saved, in an earlier incarnation, from being turned into a supermarket. They talk about developing an Energy Descent Action Plan for the area, and have drawn inspiration from the Kinsale model.

Pippa Johns in Brighton has begin to explore how the model might be used there, and recently [ran a workshop](”Johns”) on the subject. Richard Heinberg is using the Kinsale model as one of the inputs to his [Powerdown project](”Powerdown”) in California. The [Oil Awareness Group in North Carolina](”NCOil”) in the US are using the plan as a template for their work. They write,

>The jump off point for (their work) will be the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan. This plan was created for a town in Ireland of only 7000 people. Obviously, there are a great many differences between our area and Kinsale. Nevertheless, the basis for the idea is a good one, and it’s always good to have an example.

>The plan is broken into different components of energy use, e.g. food, health, waste, transport, and most of these components (okay not tourism so much) apply to us here. Different topics can be assigned to folks who can then do more research and talk about it at following meetings. Having such a plan, no matter how simple, will help take some of the doom and gloom out of the subject of peak oil by showing a positive path towards powering down. It will also be a great document to share with local community leaders and politicians.

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