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Transition Culture has moved

After eight years of frenzied blogging at this site, Transition Culture has moved to its new home. Do come and join us, but feel free to also browse this now-archived site and use the shop. Thanks for all your support, comments and input so far, and see you soon.

27 Jun 2013

On the moving of Transition Culture


This is the last post that will appear here at Transition Culture. From now on it will remain as an archive, in which you are very welcome to still rummage for buried treasures. I am deeply grateful to my friend Tom in Ireland who said “you should start a blog”. I barely knew what a blog was at that stage, and really had no sense of why I should be starting one. It took a while, but it became infectious, a daily practice. What my sketchbooks, my diaries had been, places to explore ideas, sketch out thoughts, see what ideas looked like when laid out for others to see, my blog now became. It was a steep learning curve. I had to learn bits of coding (WordPress was pretty basic then). I had to learn the art of blog writing, which is a different discipline from writing articles. But I loved it. And its readership grew steadily.

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21 Jun 2013

Video: a day in Crystal Palace

Here is a short film I made of Tuesday’s events in Crystal Palace which saw The Power of Just Doing Stuff formally launched into the world.    My thanks again to everyone who made it all happen.

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20 Jun 2013

Power of Just Doing Stuff launches in Crystal Palace

Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

The Power of Just Doing Stuff is now officially launched and out in the world!  Following a pre-launch at Saturday’s Schumacher Lectures in Bristol, the book was officially kicked off at an amazing event in Crystal Palace, London.  I am making a short film of the day there which I will post soon, but for now, here’s a short account, some audio and photos from the evening.  I am deeply indebted to John Barrett and Jonathan Goldberg for the great photos here.  I had spent the afternoon visiting some of the many projects Crystal Palace Transition Town (CPTT) have started over their 2 year existence, and meeting members of the group.  The evening event was in the Grain and Grape pub, and was packed.  Here is the talk I gave, with an introduction from Joe Duggan of CPTT.

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14 Jun 2013

New video: ‘Launching’ The Power of Just Doing Stuff

Today is the day of the publication of The Power of Just Doing Stuff.  I’d like to mark this historic occasion by presenting you with this short video of the recent poignant and moving launch event we recently held with the Mayor of Totnes to welcome the book into the world. Please put in Facebook, Twitter, whatever, and share it around.  Do join me between 4 & 5pm (BST) for our Twitter Q&A (#doingstuff).

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13 Jun 2013

Tomorrow it’s the Twitter Q&A!


Tomorrow is the official publication date of The Power of Just Doing Stuff.  We will be treating you tomorrow morning to a video of a sombre, respectful and moving launch event that took place in Totnes a couple of days ago to welcome the book into the world.  Today however I wanted to put a date and time in your diary.  Tomorrow (Friday), between 4 and 5pm BST, I will hosting a Twitter Q&A (which I steadfastly refuse to call a ‘Twitterview” because it’s just too silly).  So do join me, bring your questions, your thoughts, or perhaps you’re one of the people who pre-ordered your copy and may even have read it by then, and you might join us with some feedback and thoughts.  We’ll be using the hashtag #doingstuff.  See you there!

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